Sandvik introduces PowerCarbide range

Sandvik has gathered its most powerful carbide grades under the name PowerCarbide
Sandvik introduces PowerCarbide range Sandvik introduces PowerCarbide range Sandvik introduces PowerCarbide range Sandvik introduces PowerCarbide range Sandvik introduces PowerCarbide range

Sandvik Rock Tools PowerCarbide DTH uniface bit

Cemented carbide is one of the most successful composite engineering materials ever produced, and Sandvik was one of the first companies to produce rock tools it.

Its PowerCarbide range of rock tools offers a combination of strength, hardness, toughness and wear resistance, resulting in enhanced drilling performance and cost effectiveness.

Marie Lundbäck, R&D manager hard materials, rock tools at Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology, said: "Sandvik has been the market leader in the development of cemented carbides for decades. The introduction of the PowerCarbide concept enables us to showcase the importance of carbide grades in drilling operations. Our key strengths in this area lie in our innovations in advanced material compositions and production processes."

Sandvik has a strong focus on R&D, continuous investments and close customer collaboration. The company also controls the entire production chain - from its own tungsten mine to the production of drill bits.

Lundbäck continued: "Sandvik PowerCarbide is the most significant carbide innovation in the rock drilling industry for decades. As we have the most comprehensive range of advanced carbide tools, we can offer our customers tailored solutions to meet their specific drilling needs. At the same time, we are able to contribute to a more sustainable future through our unique global carbide recycling system."

The Sandvik PowerCarbide family currently consists of the grades DP55, DP65, GC80, SH70, XT49, XT70 and XT90. New grades will be launched and added to the family as the company develops the range. All Sandvik products with PowerCarbide inserts will have a PowerCarbide symbol to differentiate them from our standard carbide products.

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