H2 Tek advances dynaCERT in South America

dynaCERT has announced significant progress in 2019 in conjunction with its dealer H2 Tek, saying that many new important mining initiatives are advancing favourably
H2 Tek advances dynaCERT in South America H2 Tek advances dynaCERT in South America H2 Tek advances dynaCERT in South America H2 Tek advances dynaCERT in South America H2 Tek advances dynaCERT in South America

dynaCERT's HydraGEN technology creates hydrogen and oxygen on-demand through electrolysis

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dynaCERT manufactures, distributes, and installs carbon emission reduction technology for use with internal combustion engines. Its HydraGEN technology creates hydrogen and oxygen on-demand through electrolysis and supplies these through the air intake to enhance combustion, resulting in lower carbon emissions and greater fuel efficiency.

With purchase orders accepted by dynaCERT, H2 Tek is already deploying dynaCERT's HydraGEN technology with installations at two large mining companies operating in South America. One such installation is in Brazil with a major mine operator, while another is upcoming in Argentina with a different international mining company. A third international mining operator is earmarked for Brazil.

All installations are aimed not only at reducing mining operating costs but also simultaneously enabling major miners to enhance their sustainability commitments to local governments and their international pledges by host countries in South America under the Paris Accord on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. dynaCERT's HydraGEN technology is enabling H2 Tek to advance and make further inroads to outfit fleets in the mining sector.

H2 Tek has already initiated discussions with over 20 large mining companies operating in Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and the US. With the support of dynaCERT's engineers, technicians and sales support and featuring dynaCERT's HydraGEN HG145 and its newest HydraGEN 4C and 6C models designed for the mining and agriculture industries, advanced discussions at the mine operations level and at the senior management level have been effective for H2 Tek.

Joao Araujo, vice president of global operations of H2 Tek, stated: "H2 Tek has introduced dynaCERT's HydraGEN technology to major mining companies such as BHP, Codelco, Antofagasta, Barrick Gold, Yamana, Kinross, Newmont and Vale and we are busy negotiating numerous agreements. We are very enthusiastic with the reception that dynaCERT's HydraGEN technology has received."

Jim Payne, president & CEO of dynaCERT, added: "The opportunity of global mining companies to use dynaCERT's HydraGEN technology and to avail themselves of the fuel reduction benefits and reductions in carbon emissions is very important to the industry. At dynaCERT we view mining as paramount to establishing the base of the global fight against pollution. On behalf of dynaCERT, I highly commend and thank our dealers, including H2 Tek and TES and the many others, as well as our new mining clients that are dedicated to blazing this noble trail."

In July 2019, Total Equipment Services (TES), an underground mining equipment manufacturer, and dynaCERT completed a risk review of the HydraGEN technology for underground mining in a mine located near Timmins, Ontario, Canada. TES is a dealer of dynaCERT's HydraGEN technology and features dynaCERT's HG145 products to its clients in Canada.

In addition, dynaCERTand TES are collaborating together to create markets for innovative products aimed at the reduction of NOx, THC, particulate matter, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in underground mining environments, globally, by the integration of HydraGEN technology with equipment manufactured by TES.