Ukwazi expands project services

South African mining engineering services consultant Ukwazi has added a multi-disciplinary engineering offering called project development & delivery (PDD).
Ukwazi expands project services Ukwazi expands project services Ukwazi expands project services Ukwazi expands project services Ukwazi expands project services

Firm aims to leverage technical and industry insight and expertise

The company's new PDD division will use engineering, procurement and construction management models and strategies for mining-related infrastructure, for surface and underground mining or process plants projects, said the company.

"We leverage technology and industry insight and expertise to drive commercial success and sector development," said Ukwazi's PDD division head Albert Jacobs."We design and engineer the preferred technical solution first, ensuring that it is executable, and then integrate tested project management systems and processes to guide implementation."

The PDD division will use specialist tools, software and dashboards, including 3D to advanced BIM modeling, to address project challenges, costs, quality management, and the integrated coordination of all key disciplines.

Ukwazi also recently launched it Sustainable Mining Practice (USMP), saying that the USMP recognises that compliance exists within a complex regulatory environment, and that environmental and social sustainability lies at the heart of the future of mining. Innovation, coupled with enhanced requirements associated with the social license to operate.

"Mining companies need to reevaluate how they effectively plan for compliant closure and post-closure activities, whilst simultaneously enhancing resource efficiency and building sustained business resilience," noted the company website.

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