PAS tool checks sensor health

US-based software company PAS has launched a new module that verifies the configuration data integrity of smart and analog sensors used in industrial environments such as mining.
PAS tool checks sensor health PAS tool checks sensor health PAS tool checks sensor health PAS tool checks sensor health PAS tool checks sensor health

Effective sensor management aids digital transformation

PAS' new Sensor Data Integrity module can ensure configuration consistency across the smart sensors increasingly being deployed in the industry, said the company, which last November agreed to be taken over by Swedish autonomous solutions company Hexagon.

"It is becoming increasingly more complex to manage configuration consistency across field device management, distributed control systems (DCS), programmable logic controllers (PLC), safety instrumented systems (SIS), historians and other operational technology (OT)," said PAS.

"The lack of effective sensor management also puts digital transformation initiatives at risk of falling short."

The Sensor Data Integrity module, part of the company's Automation Integrity module range, is used to provide multi-vendor support for both industrial IoT, and traditional analog sensors, with automated detection of configuration errors and of devices that do not match assigned templates.

Hexagon has said the PAS acquisition would create a new cybersecurity-focused business segment within the company's PPM division, which focuses on enterprise engineering software. 


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