Dyno Nobel updates explosives app

PRESS RELEASE: Commercial explosives company Dyno Nobel has released a new and improved version of its Explosives Engineers’ Mobile App
Dyno Nobel updates explosives app Dyno Nobel updates explosives app Dyno Nobel updates explosives app Dyno Nobel updates explosives app Dyno Nobel updates explosives app

Staff reporter

The mobile app offers complete product specifications and application uses for Dyno Nobel products. Its custom blasting calculators include powder factor, airblast prediction, rock and explosive charge per blast hole, wet hole, ground vibration prediction, scaled distance, and distance to the nearest structure.

Real-time Dyno Nobel updates are available through the news section, including press releases, videos and news stories. 

Other key features include unit conversions, blast design terminology, definitions and formulas, and worldwide accessibility to all features, even in remote locations.

The expanded features in the updated version include a simpler, more essential look and feel, with the ability to adapt to refinements and changes to the underlying operating systems, whether iOS or Android, as well as the ability to select a region (America, Asia Pacific or South America) and preferred units (imperial or metric).

An updated GPS includes maps with latitude, longitude and altitude, and also has the ability to save hundreds of locations and compare any two locations. The expanded calculator function can now save results to a list and upload past results from that list. Users can now also select individual product specifications to be compared in a dynamic format, allowing them to see just the data they need in a simplified table.

The new version of the Explosives Engineers’ Mobile App is available for download now.

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