AMIRA, MIRO strengthen links

Australian mineral research agent AMIRA International Limited (AMIRA) and UK-based counterpart Mineral Industry Research Organisation (MIRO) plan to broaden the scope of their engagement with industry sponsors through a new alliance formalised with an MOU signing this month
AMIRA, MIRO strengthen links AMIRA, MIRO strengthen links AMIRA, MIRO strengthen links AMIRA, MIRO strengthen links AMIRA, MIRO strengthen links

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AMIRA and MIRO said in a joint statement they wanted to deepen their connections “to deliver greater value to their respective members”.

“AMIRA and MIRO are sister organisations with similar aims and we intend to leverage off each other’s experience and networks to develop joint projects that will address key challenges faced by the mining industry,” said AMIRA managing director Joe Cucuzza.

“By working together we will be in an ideal position to assemble the best brains, trust connecting the best solution providers in and outside Europe to work on the pressing challenges the mining industry is facing and tap into EC research funding opportunities.”

MIRO’s development director Brian Bone said the organisation had in recent years relied for its existence on managing UK and EU programme research funds. In the past it had developed and overseen “AMIRA-type collaborative projects”, but these had been few in number in recent years.

“We see the relationship with AMIRA as an opportunity to increase our level of activity in these projects in Europe and elsewhere,” Bone said.

“Working collaboratively with AMIRA will enable us to expand our reach and importantly strengthen our ability to deliver solutions to members of both organisations. This is a positive not only for both our members but also for the cohort of top researchers in Europe and elsewhere who want to engage with the mining industry to solve their problems and create a more sustainable industry.”

AMIRA, founded in 1959, is a public entity with big miners, exploration companies, and minerals equipment, technology and services suppliers as members. MIRO was established in 1972. The non-profit membership company is based in Birmingham, UK.

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