Seequent and IMDEX partner up for 3-D visualisation

Seequent, a developer of visual data science software, and IMDEX, a global provider of real-time subsurface intelligence solutions, have announced an ongoing partnership to deliver a real-time 3-D visualisation solution for the mining and exploration industry that aims to dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of decision-making for drilling projects
Seequent and IMDEX partner up for 3-D visualisation Seequent and IMDEX partner up for 3-D visualisation Seequent and IMDEX partner up for 3-D visualisation Seequent and IMDEX partner up for 3-D visualisation Seequent and IMDEX partner up for 3-D visualisation

Drillhole progress being shown with live survey data from the IMDEXHUB-IQ

Staff reporter

PRESS RELEASE: Seequent and IMDEX are collaborating to integrate IMDEXHUB-IQ, which provides access to sub-surface data and Central, Seequent's centralised model management solution for visualisation, tracking and management of an organisation's geological data. The integration will allow live 3-D data collected in the field and synced to IMDEXHUB-IQ to be linked in real-time to the same project in Central, enabling 3-D visualisation of downhole survey and structural geology data.

The mining industry-first enables drillhole progress to be reviewed in Central's 3D Browser alongside the planned programme and current geological interpretation, giving geologists confidence in decision-making and ensuring issues are identified and managed as they arise.

The new solution will be showcased at Seequent's Lyceum innovation event in Vancouver, Canada, on November 7, the first in a global road show series also visiting Perth, Australia, on November 13 and Santiago, Chile, on December 6.

Nick Fogarty, general manager - mining and minerals at Seequent, said: "The integration of live data is crucial for mining and exploration projects of the future. Every day there is an increasing amount of data generated and the key to success is being able to understand and respond to that data in real-time or near real time. Our new co-partnered solution will provide significant benefits to our drilling and resource company clients in terms of risk management and project efficiencies."

IMDEX and Seequent are long-time industry partners, sharing a common interest in developing technology and better workflows to solve ongoing challenges for mining companies. In 2012 Seequent and IMDEX developed the ioGAS link to Leapfrog Geo, which is used by hundreds of mutual clients on a daily basis, to share and utilise the range of geochemical data collected during exploration.

"Increasingly, geologists are wanting to make decisions in real-time, however, they need to have the right live data available," explained Dave Lawie, IMDEX chief geoscientist. "IMDEX has been supporting the mining industry for decades to improve the process of identifying and extracting what is below the Earth's surface for both drilling contractors and resource companies.

"We're excited to be part of an industry-first to deliver real-time 3-D data and gain a better understanding of how it fits into other data sources. By collaborating with Seequent, we will substantially enhance critical decision making and how geologists and their teams can work effectively together."

The real-time 3-D visualisation solution, which brings together two key solutions in a straightforward and seamless way, allows project changes to be tracked over time. This will enable quality assurance and quality control of drillhole data.

A number of mining companies are looking to trial this solution on their drilling programmes including First Quantum Minerals (Australia). Neville Panizza, the company's data systems implementation manager - exploration, said that they are noticing a major shift in the industry towards integration.

"Smart technology companies, like Seequent and IMDEX, are sharing their knowledge and integrating their systems, to build an industry framework which aids exploration groups to focus on their core business of target generation and finding orebodies," he commented. "The continuation of this trend will allow exploration groups to gain confidence in this collaborative third party approach, creating an industry expectation and standard."