AI aids Yamana exploration

Canadian tech company GoldSpot Discoveries and gold producer Yamana Gold recently completed a machine-learning collaboration for exploration around the El Peñón mine site in Chile
AI aids Yamana exploration AI aids Yamana exploration AI aids Yamana exploration AI aids Yamana exploration AI aids Yamana exploration

El Peñón gold-silver mine in northern Chile

Staff reporter

Using extensive, multidisciplinary geological, geophysical and geochemical data sets, the study was able to identify known mineralised areas in the mine in blind tests.

The results are now playing a role in ongoing exploration efforts at El Peñón.

Henry Marsden, senior vice president for exploration at Yamana Gold, said: "GoldSpot was able to create a predictive lithological map for covered areas that is particularly useful for prioritising drill targets.

"The highly collaborative approach demonstrated by the GoldSpot team contributed greatly to the quality of the final product."

Geological maps are a key component of mineral deposit exploration and discovery; they are used by geologists to interpret regions around ore deposits and are generally created by specialists using field observations and interpretations.

GoldSpot's research and development team has developed proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) techniques that allow the creation of geological maps for deployment into exploration projects.

According to the company, the use of machine learning to generate lithological maps can provide geologists with actionable intelligence and deliver significant cost and time savings to exploration projects.