Geoscientists get data boost

Geospatial analytics company Descartes Labs is introducing a specialised data platform and cloud-based modelling workbench for mineral exploration
Geoscientists get data boost Geoscientists get data boost Geoscientists get data boost Geoscientists get data boost Geoscientists get data boost

The Descartes Labs platform combines a scalable processing and modelling platform with a multi-petabyte library of public and private data for building predictive models

Staff reporter

The ‘advanced mineral exploration package' will allow geology and data science teams to access remote-sensing and machine-learning capabilities on a global scale.

The package uses Descartes Labs' ‘data refinery', which includes various multispectral data sets and pre-built machine-learning models, as well as petabytes of analysis-ready geospatial data.

The company's platform also offers NASA's Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) global data set combined with supercomputing resources for mineral deposit targeting.

Users can then integrate in-house data with the platform, giving them access to artificial intelligence capabilities.

According to Descartes Labs, the platform comes with a comprehensive ‘bare earth mosaic', which selects the pixel at every location with the clearest atmospheric conditions by masking out vegetation, water, snow, ice and clouds.

Descartes Labs CEO Phil Fraher believes this package is a "a major breakthrough for the mining industry".

"For the first time, geoscientists and data science teams can easily access the cleanest available data set for multispectral data anywhere on the planet," he said.

"The platform helps mining companies dramatically increase the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of the mineral exploration life cycle; it's the perfect 'basemap' data set to kickstart any exploration project, for any commodity."

Descartes Labs already serves several aspects of the mining and metals industry, including prospecting and development, trading, commercial operations, shipping and logistics, sustainable development, and risk management.

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