Brokk launches Pedestal Boom breaker boom system

Sweden-based remote-controlled demolition company Brokk has introduced the Brokk Pedestal Boom, which is a compact, stationary breaker boom system for the mining and aggregates industry.
Brokk launches Pedestal Boom breaker boom system Brokk launches Pedestal Boom breaker boom system Brokk launches Pedestal Boom breaker boom system Brokk launches Pedestal Boom breaker boom system Brokk launches Pedestal Boom breaker boom system

Brokk's new machine range is designed to allow operators to apply the power and precision of Brokk's demolition robots to primary breaking tasks that feed mobile crushers, jaw crushers, gyratory crushers and grizzlies.

The Brokk Pedestal Boom offers an improved range of motion by pairing Brokk's three-part arm system with 360° slewing to increase versatility in underground applications. It can be operated via tethered remote or from a control room.

Brokk will have a presence at MINExpo 2021 in Las Vegas, US next week and will showcase the Brokk 300 Pedestal Boom system and other robotic mining solutions at booth 1155 in the North Hall.

Martin Krupicka, president and CEO of Brokk Group, said: "Brokk saw an opportunity to give our customers a better solution for breaking oversize rock in crushing and grizzly applications. We've developed technology that is powerful, compact, flexible and easy to install. The new Brokk Pedestal Boom provides a plug-and-play solution that is perfect for underground spaces with low headroom or other space constraints. We are leveraging our 45 years of experience and proven technology platforms to create a smart, safe and user-friendly solution."

The Brokk Pedestal Boom is based on the arm system and power pack of Brokk's demolition robots. The machine body is mounted on a pedestal rather than tracks, which means the machine can be installed in a stationary position next to a crusher or in any area that requires primary breaking.

The Brokk Pedestal Boom system uses a single power cable to integrate the power source and arm for a compact breaking solution, meaning that no external power pack or hydraulic hose connection is needed.

The Pedestal Boom range includes the model sizes Brokk 200, Brokk 300, Brokk 500 and Brokk 900. The Brokk 900 can produce 3,050J/Nm at a rate of 330-680 blows per minute with the BHB 1500 breaker, allowing it to break tough rock formations.

The Brokk Pedestal Boom is designed to offer flexibility in underground and confined space applications. The three-part arm design allows operators to reach closer to the crushers and manoeuvre in as little as 180cm of height clearance. Along with the unit's 360° slewing capabilities, this means that operators can maintain a good angle for efficient material breaking. It is also designed to make maintenance and switching attachments easier, especially in areas with space constraints.

All systems feature Brokk's SmartRemote technology and can be remotely operated. The Standard Remote Operation solution features an ergonomic remote-control, intuitive controls and professional-grade radio technology with a 300m working range to allow its users to maintain a good view while staying safely out of harm's way.

It also has a Networked Remote Operation solution, which allows operators to control the robot remotely from an office, which can be located 2,000m away or further, depending on network configuration. It can be connected and operated over either Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

There are two cameras on the machine as part of the standard video option, as well as an ergonomic operator's desk with integrated controls and video screen. There are upgrades available, such as additional cameras for better visuals and optical zoom cameras. A single control system can be paired with up to six Brokk Pedestal Boom systems.

A corresponding BHB hydraulic breaker comes as standard with the Pedestal Boom. The demolition robots are designed starting from the tip of the breaker to ensure hydraulic flow and pressure are perfectly calibrated, which Brokk stated allows the operators to use 100% of the breaker's potential with minimal wear and tear on the carrier. The Brokk Pedestal Boom product range is designed in the same way.

In addition to the breaker, the Brokk Pedestal Boom can work with grapples and drilling attachments.

Krupicka concluded: "Worker safety is a major focus for many companies and Brokk actively searches for ways to make every aspect of our customers' processes safer. Over the years, our demolition robots have helped mechanise a number of high-risk, heavy labour tasks such as scaling, drilling and secondary breaking. The new Brokk Pedestal Boom range addresses one more challenge, enabling customers to efficiently complete work without any health and safety risks."