New rigid dump truck tyre from Michelin

Michelin Earthmover has announced the next generation of its rigid dump truck (RDT) tyres with the introduction of Michelin XTRA Load Grip and the Michelin XTRA Load Protect
New rigid dump truck tyre from Michelin New rigid dump truck tyre from Michelin New rigid dump truck tyre from Michelin New rigid dump truck tyre from Michelin New rigid dump truck tyre from Michelin

The Michelin XTRA Load Protect on a truck

Staff reporter

PRESS RELEASE: Michelin stated that as the first-ever ‘3-star’ 24.00R35 tyre size on the market, the new Michelin XTRA Load range will allow users to increase load capacity or accommodate faster speeds to maximise productivity.

Jamey Fish, director of earthmover marketing for Michelin North America, said: “It is a common worldwide practice to add side boards and lift gates to rigid dump trucks in order to increase payload capacity for optimal profitability. This demand puts incredible stress on the tyres. This new, robust Michelin tyre range provides a solution so that the maximum amount of material can be loaded into these trucks while still delivering traction, damage resistance and increased tyre life.”

The new Michelin XTRA Load tyre is available for two surface applications experienced by RDTs. The Michelin XTRA Load Grip is designed for the soft, loose, muddy ground conditions experienced in mining and quarrying operations on slopes and inclines, where the priority is high grip and traction. Due to a reinforced casing, the tyre has a 16% higher payload, or an increase of nine short tons in load capacity per machine — a huge increase in productivity when multiplied by the number of cycles made daily. And with a tread comprising 30% more lug edges, increased grip improves braking, cornering and accelerating. The tyre has the ability to drive 21 miles per hour due to the cooler internal running temperatures. The tyre also provides 8% more wear resistance, with more rubber in the contact patch and improved damage resistance with corrosion-isolating steel cables. This tyre replaces the Michelin XDT and X Traction offers.

Meanwhile, the Michelin XTRA Load Protect is designed for hard, sharp, abrasive conditions on flat, dry surfaces — where the priority is protection and damage resistance, conditions that are present in areas such as quarries and construction sites. This application is for customers who want to carry more load and increase the distances they carry every hour. The new highly protective and damage-resistant tread pattern contributes to a better load distribution across the contact patch. This tyre has interlocking blocks and improved heat dissipation that reduces the temperature in the tread area by up to 17 degrees Fahrenheit. This tyre replaces the Michelin X-Quarry S and X-Haul tyres offerings.