New Cat R2900 underground loader

The new Cat R2900 underground loader offers configurations to meet the strictest diesel engine emissions standards, including those in Europe and North America
New Cat R2900 underground loader New Cat R2900 underground loader New Cat R2900 underground loader New Cat R2900 underground loader New Cat R2900 underground loader

The Cat R2900 underground loader carrying a load

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Caterpillar stated that it continues to deliver the high performance and 17.2t payload of its predecessor, the R2900G.

The new LHD is designed to provide extended durability, superior serviceability and the ability to use advanced technology for enhancing safety and productivity.

The R2900 is powered by the Cat C15 engine, which is available in a number of emissions configurations to meet the needs of mining operations around the world. The six-cylinder engine is turbocharged and air-to-air aftercooled, and it produces 305kW in standard configuration and 293kW in EU Stage V compliant form.

Using the Cat Clean Emissions Module to limit both particulate matter and NOx to near zero, the R2900 is certified to meet EU Stage V and Canada's CANMET standards. Other emissions packages are EU Stage IIIA equivalent/US EPA Tier 3 equivalent, and Caterpillar's Ventilation Reduction System, which offers the optional use of flow through or highly efficient wall flow diesel particulate filters for improved underground air quality.

The R2900 is available with high ambient cooling capability. The key component of the package is a high efficiency radiator, which features a modular design with individual tubes that can be serviced independently to reduce maintenance time. The radiator is also resistant to clogging and allows faster cleaning and longer service intervals.

The engine end frame design features new, simple structures that can extend durability and accommodate modular components, which facilitate maintenance and repair. Remote axle and transmission coolers and filters enable easy access, and a single fuel tank replaces the dual tanks on the previous model. The new tank provides ground level access for refuelling. The available brake release and tow hook allows disengaging the parking brake and hooking to the machine from the rear in the event the machine must be towed.

he at 2900 underground loader from aboveThe Cat R2900 underground loader from above

The in-cab display enables machine health monitoring through Cat Product Link Elite. The new system makes it easier to share data across multiple destinations. Scaleable remote operation technology starts with the Cat line-of-sight console. Critical machine information is now presented on a display in the console. Additional MineStar Command technology enables teleremote and semi-autonomous operation from a distant operator station.

A range of bucket sizes and configurations are available for the R2900 to match material characteristics and optimise productivity. With the introduction of Bolt-On Half Arrow ground engaging tools (GETs) for bucket edges, Caterpillar now offers a complete range of Cat GET and bucket wear solutions for underground loaders to enable optimising the system for the application. With a reliable retention system, the bolt-on GETs offer more wear material than standard weld-on GETs, and the bolt-on design enables fast and easy removal and replacement. Despite additional wear material, the low-profile front edge eases pile penetration and promotes fast bucket loading.