Introducing Kovatera

As part of its strategy to boost its domestic and international sales presence, Canada-based manufacturer Industrial Fabrication has launched Kovatera, its new brand name for its underground mine utility vehicle line-up
Introducing Kovatera Introducing Kovatera Introducing Kovatera Introducing Kovatera Introducing Kovatera

Industrial Fabrication and its underground vehicle line will now both be known as Kovatera

Formerly known as the Minecat line, the machines underwent a rebrand by the OEM to better reflect its business direction and aid its entry into new markets, the company said.

Moving forward, the company and its products will all be marketed under Kovatera, a word made by two roots: Kova, a derivative of the Finnish word for ‘tough' and Tera, an abbreviated form of the Latin word for earth (terra).

"Combined, the name Kovatera reflects both our mission and the extreme environments we operate in," general manager Will Gove said.

"Additional to providing ongoing support to our domestic customer base, we are now focusing on expanding our footprint into new markets such as Australia, Mexico, South America, Europe and Eurasia."

Industrial Fabrication said its expansion plans extend beyond geography and entering new market areas. It is currently in the final engineering and testing phase to roll out a line of electric-powered vehicles. Each will have the same purpose-built, reliable and cost-effective characteristics as their diesel counterparts.

Gove added that a crucial element to the company's future will be the supply of alternate energy-powered equipment to a marketplace ready to see the benefits of the technology.

Privately held Kovatera is based in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.