RPM adds electrification to haulage simulation tool

Australian mining software maker RPM Global has engaged with a global tier-1 miner to simulate the benefits of haulage vehicle electrification within its operations.

 Software can help miners simulate electric versus diesel equipment.

Software can help miners simulate electric versus diesel equipment.

RPM Global has added electric vehicle support to the global equipment library within its Simulate and Haulsim software packages.

It released those haulage simulation platform solutions to the market in 2016.

Since then it gained mining companies and original equipment makers, including Komatsu, Volvo, Hitachi and more recently Caterpillar, as customers.

The Simulate platform is available to all Caterpillar equipment dealers, with Finning, Barloworld, Sotreq, Hastings Deering and WesTrac all adopting the platform to manage and enhance the productivity of their large-scale fleet base.

RPM CEO Richard Mathews said a miner or OEM being able to quickly calculate the environmental and social benefits and considerations contemporaneously with the financial and operational differentiators between diesel-powered and electric vehicles would be enormous in coming years. 

"To be able to quantify the impact of equipment decisions not just economically but also environmentally is a massive leap forward for any mining organisation," he said.

Mathews said since releasing Simulate to the market, RPM focused on establishing the platform as the industry benchmark for OEM simulation needs.

"Mine sites are dynamic and constantly changing, and with complex road networks, more miners are turning to innovative technology solutions to automate haulage activity to boost efficiency outcomes," he said.

"Having the ability to run multiple scenarios and quantify the outcome without financial outlay is a major benefit.

Discrete event simulation helps customers understand the haulage picture.

With a calibrated simulation model, every question about changes to a haulage system can be tested and answered before equipment is purchased or works begin.

With Simulate, OEMs can accurately model complex haulage networks at a mine with a high level of speed, precision and consistency.

These simulations also use the equipment library for accurate calculations.

OEMs can embed their own proprietary libraries as well as customised equipment matching logic, enabling them to accurately demonstrate productive mining outcomes to their mining customers.

For example, the ability to accurately conduct modelling of a customer's haulage network using Simulate enables an OEM to recommend alternative machines, fleets and operational configurations to increase utilisation rates, production rates and improve equipment life.

With Simulate users can showcase and articulate equipment value that is quantified and proven through simulated demonstrations.

This allows an OEM to work closely with the miner or contractor to support them in solving their issues and quantify improvements that can be made prior to investing capital in equipment or works.

 "The ability to quantify and compare multiple scenarios and equipment selection through simulation ensures OEMs can make informed decisions about the best ways to maximise production and operational outcomes and provide the best solution for their mining customers," Mathews said.

"The world's biggest miners are consistently looking for ways to unlock greater value from operations.

"Using Simulate, OEMs are able to effectively demonstrate the various ways their customers can achieve maximum profitability as well as minimise energy use and maximise deployment of electric vehicle alternatives from their equipment over the long-term."

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