Sandvik unveils DS422i cable bolter

Intelligence, and bringing together 30 years of technology into one smart machine, are at the heart of Sandvik’s newest release, the DS422i cable bolter
Sandvik unveils DS422i cable bolter Sandvik unveils DS422i cable bolter Sandvik unveils DS422i cable bolter Sandvik unveils DS422i cable bolter Sandvik unveils DS422i cable bolter

The Sandvik DS422i

Staff reporter

PRESS RELEASE: The OEM said that the new cutting-edge machine offers better process control through assistive and automatic technologies and connectivity, sharing a platform with the Sandvik DD422i to allow for easier serviceability and parts commonality for lower costs.

The bolter's ground support features statistics at the ready for the operator, including how and where bolts were installed, the pumped grout amount and its mixing ratio and other key installation details. The data can also be stored, integrated and also passed along through a mine's systems for review.

The intelligent reinforcement of the DS422i also includes automatic rod handling, a quiet and ergonomic cabin and Sandvik's intelligent controls and automation with both operator assistive and automated functions.

"Our customers are constantly asking us for solutions giving them documented ‘as planned' and ‘as installed' data from the bolting process," DS422i product manager Anssi Kouhia said.

"Handling hole location information has long been in practice for both development and production drilling, but not yet properly utilized in bolting. Our latest intelligent product brings the potential of data integration to our customers."

Optimine product manager Petri Mannonen added that efficiency in bolters' task management is typically a complex goal when compared to other parts of the drill and blast operation cycle.

"In addition to managing that the machine has a free heading to operate in, the bolter also has to manage the replenishment of concrete and other consumables," Mannonen said. "Our Optimine task management package provides great advances in this respect through two-way communication with the task management system."