3D Laser Mapping to become GeoSLAM

To better serve the needs of their customers, distributors and staff, whilst consistently innovating, 3D Laser Mapping and GeoSLAM have merged
3D Laser Mapping to become GeoSLAM 3D Laser Mapping to become GeoSLAM 3D Laser Mapping to become GeoSLAM 3D Laser Mapping to become GeoSLAM 3D Laser Mapping to become GeoSLAM

Screenshot of 3D Laser Mapping's SITEMONITOR LIVE +SLOPES showing areas of displacement on a steep face at a mine

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3D Laser Mapping stated that this merger strengthens its strategic partnerships and underscores its commitment to investing in LiDAR technology, projects and services; providing greater global opportunities. It added that combining GeoSLAM's market strength and global distribution outlets with 3D Laser Mapping's industry expertise builds an incredible leader in the industry.

3D Laser Mapping and GeoSLAM, which have worked together successfully on creative projects with a proven track record of success, can now expand their research and development on an expansive platform.

The company will combine the best of the two organisations. They both have very different skill sets, with GeoSLAM specialising in global sales, marketing and distribution, while 3D Laser Mapping brings advanced R&D capabilities that will enable the new organisation to develop next generation products.

As of July 23, the head office address for both businesses will be Innovation House, Mere Way, Ruddington Fields Business Park, Nottingham, NG11 6JS, UK.

Aside from a change of address, the relationships with customers, suppliers and distributors remain unchanged. The merger will not affect development resources for 3D Laser Mapping or GeoSLAM products. GeoSLAM distributors will benefit from 3D Laser Mapping's established global industry leadership, investment, research and development. 3D Laser Mapping will provide resources and structure to support and continue innovating the GeoSLAM product family.

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