CAE sells Datamine

CAE has sold its mining division Datamine to Constellation Software, an international provider of software and services.
CAE sells Datamine CAE sells Datamine CAE sells Datamine CAE sells Datamine CAE sells Datamine

CAE is offloading Datamine

Nadav Shemer

The Canadian group reported last year its decision to sell its mining unit in order to concentrate its resources on its three other major divisions of civil aviation, security, and healthcare.

Marc Parent, CAE president and CEO, said he was pleased that Constellation Software, a fellow Canadian company, would be leading Datamine through the next phase of its development.

Datamine is Constellation Software’s first investment in the mining sector. It will operate within the firm’s Vela Software division.

Datamine offers a range of mining-related solutions including exploration data management, ore-body modelling, mine planning and associated consulting services, to more than 1,400 companies around the world. 

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