Year in Review: Top 10 stories of 2018

The most-read features and online exclusives published on MM’s website in 2018
Year in Review: Top 10 stories of 2018 Year in Review: Top 10 stories of 2018 Year in Review: Top 10 stories of 2018 Year in Review: Top 10 stories of 2018 Year in Review: Top 10 stories of 2018

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1. All roads lead to electrification
Epiroc urges underground miners to do their homework, because battery electric machines are coming, and they're coming fast.

2. Barrick decentralises innovation
Barrick Gold is restructuring its approach to innovation, decentralising it and sending it to the face, which has meant that chief innovation officer Michelle Ash's role is no more.

3. Pace of technological change in mining is accelerating, says Rio's McIntosh
Mining giant's growth and innovation leader addresses inaugural Future of Mining 2018.

4. A view from the air
The use of unmanned aerial vehicles and drones in the mining industry is growing at warp speed. What can we do with them now, and what does the future hold for this technology?

5. Future of mine asset management
Exclusive survey reinforces view that technological revolution is gaining speed.

6. The potential of machine learning
Agustin Costa gave a presentation about unlocking the full potential of machine learning in mining at Future of Mining Americas.

7. What goes up…
It's been a good year to be in mining thanks to higher prices and favourable political winds, says George Hemingway.

8. The cutting edge of hard rock
Hard-rock cutting technologies have huge potential, not just for development purposes but also in a production setting. Ailbhe Goodbody finds out about recent progress in this space.

9. Live to learn
Carly Leonida looks at why machine learning and predictive analytics are so important to the future of the mining industry.

10. Turning the risk of mine closure into opportunity
Over the next decade, an estimated 60 major mines will reach the end of their production life worldwide. Their potential closures entail significant environmental, social and economic challenges. However, continuous work is happening to turn the risks into opportunities, and, in 2019, the International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM) is releasing an updated toolkit on responsible mine closure.