Teck adds AI for the long haul

Global miner Teck, in partnership with Canadian tech firm Pythian and Google Cloud, has introduced maintenance monitoring via artificial intelligence (AI) for its haul truck fleet
Teck adds AI for the long haul Teck adds AI for the long haul Teck adds AI for the long haul Teck adds AI for the long haul Teck adds AI for the long haul

Teck has reported potential savings of US$1 million at one site alone using the machine-learning system

According to the US National Mining Association, Teck has implemented a machine-learning system to spot maintenance problems with trucks that would otherwise be difficult, or even impossible, for a human to identify.

The system collects and monitors data points and uses algorithms to predict issues such as possible electrical failures.

Teck has reported that, from one site alone, it could potentially realise US$1 million in savings annually using the program to minimise unplanned maintenance, reduce overall maintenance costs and extend equipment life.

The mining company has used sensors and data for health monitoring and repair management on its Caterpillar and Komatsu haul truck fleets at its steelmaking coal operations since 2011.

Teck's sites including Fording River Operations, Line Creek Operations, Greenhills Operations and Elkview Operations in British Columbia's Elk Valley region are now using the machine-learning system for haul truck maintenance.

Teck's operational and project portfolio spans Canada, the US, Chile and Peru.