Seequent on an upward slope

New Zealand-based geoscience solutions group Seequent has acquired Canadian geotechnical analysis software producer Geoslope, saying the pairing could improve overall engineering and design workflows for engineers
Seequent on an upward slope Seequent on an upward slope Seequent on an upward slope Seequent on an upward slope Seequent on an upward slope

Pit slope design with multiple geometries in GeoStudio

Geoslope, which will maintain its presence in its hometown of Calgary, is known for its GeoStudio suite used for design, analysis and decision-making by by geotechnical engineers.

The software package, used for analysing various infrastructure projects in more than 100 countries, includes products for modelling slope stability, deformation, heat transfer and groundwater flow in soil and rock.

No financial details of the deal were released.

Seequent chief executive Shaun Maloney noted that the combined company would be better equipped to deliver on its commitment to mitigate and solve challenges across the civil, environmental and energy sectors.

"Joining Seequent presents the opportunity for greater integration of geotechnical analysis into the overall engineering and design workflow, thereby enabling our customers to more effectively analyse their problems and deliver better outcomes," Geoslope president Paul Grunau added.

Seequent's global footprint includes its Christchurch headquarters, research and development centres in Christchurch and Canada, and its office network in Asia/Pacific, Africa, South America, North America and Europe.

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