Canada earmarks $15M for mining technology

The government of Canada has selected two dozen winners of the second round of mining innovation funding.
Canada earmarks $15M for mining technology  Canada earmarks $15M for mining technology  Canada earmarks $15M for mining technology  Canada earmarks $15M for mining technology  Canada earmarks $15M for mining technology

MICA also expects to attract more than C$100M in private investment.

Underscoring the need for Canada to remain competitive during the energy transition,  the Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator Network (MICA) selected the recipients following a second call for proposals.

The criteria for eligibility called for "projects that will position Canada as a global leader in mining innovation by accelerating the commercialisation of made-in-Canada groundbreaking technologies."

Applications were divided into four categories:

  • Increase mine production capacity at a lower cost.
  • Reduce mining energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Implement smart, autonomous mining systems.
  • Reduce environmental risk and long-term liabilities.

"Our government is determined to make innovation the cornerstone of the low-carbon economy," said The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry."

He continued: "As the demand for essential minerals grows, our mining industry will continue to play a vital role in this green transition, thanks in part to groundbreaking projects like those presented. They will not only enable us to take full advantage of our domestic mineral resources but also position Canada as a world leader in the production of minerals essential to new technologies and renewable energies."

Some of those new technologies include reducing carbon emissions in the potash sector, transcritical CO2 pulverisation technology, and expanding autonomous driving in underground mining.

In addition to the US$11.3 million (C$15M), MICA expects to attract more than C$100M in private investment.

"With this announcement, we further solidify our commitment to establishing MICA as a small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) network for innovation in mining," said Douglas Morrison, president and chief executive at MICA.  "Ensuring we support SMEs across this great country not only supports our economy but also plays a critical role in the green transition."

Morrison went on to point out that many of the innovations Canada's mining sector needs for decarbonisation are already developed.

 "What they lack is the investment required to commercialise solutions and companies willing to implement them," he said. "The funding announced today provides the investment necessary to help achieve results, and by utilising the MICA Network, we help introduce their products to the companies that need them."

Mining is an essential contributor to the national economy, generating C$125 billion to the national GDP in 2021.


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Victoria Gosteva, Global Decarbonisation Program Manager, Newmont Corporation

Julie Paquet, Vice President, Communications & ESG Strategy, Nouveau Monde Graphite

Rahul Sareen, Global Head, Sustainability Solutions and GTM, Amazon Web Services (AWS)