Clean TeQ awarded contract by Multotec

PRESS RELEASE: Clean TeQ, via its wholly owned subsidiary Clean TeQ Water, has been awarded a significant contract by Multotec Process Equipment to design, procure and commission a Clean TeQ proprietary continuous ionic filtration (CIF) wastewater treatment solution at a minerals processing plant currently being constructed in Oman
Clean TeQ awarded contract by Multotec Clean TeQ awarded contract by Multotec Clean TeQ awarded contract by Multotec Clean TeQ awarded contract by Multotec Clean TeQ awarded contract by Multotec

A model of the Clean TEQ plant for Oman

Staff reporter

Sam Riggall, managing director at Clean TeQ, stated: “The Oman contract is a groundbreaking step forward in validating the application of our innovative technology for industrial water recycling and reuse markets. Treating wastewaters from flue gas desulphurisation scrubbers is a major issue for fossil fuel burning industries world-wide. The Clean TeQ plant in Oman will demonstrate the cost effectiveness and versatility of the CIF technology in this field. We are also delighted to be partnering more broadly with Multotec, a well-established supplier to the global minerals industry, to grow our businesses together on the African continent.”

The Oman contract is valued in excess of US$400,000 and includes a technology fee and payments for engineering, equipment and resin supply and commissioning support. The CIF wastewater treatment plant will treat wastewater from a flue gas desulphurisation scrubber at a minerals processing plant at Port of Sohar Free Zone, Sultanate of Oman. The technology uses Clean TeQ’s proprietary continuous ionic filtration technology to remove toxic pollutants and in particular sulphate, antimony and arsenic from the wastewater stream. The Clean TeQ solution is being provided to Multotec as an equipment design and supply package. Multotec is the principal contractor with overall responsibility for delivering the wastewater management systems for the mineral processing facility.

Engineering of the CIF wastewater treatment plant has been completed and materials, including first fill of resin, have been procured and are in transit to the site. Multotec will construct the water treatment plant under the direction of Clean TeQ personnel. The CIF plant is expected to be completed and commissioned in the December quarter of 2017.

As more stringent environmental regulations regarding industrial emissions are being enacted in many countries, sulphur dioxide must increasingly be removed from flue gases. Flue-gas desulphurisation generally uses wet scrubbing technologies to remove sulphur dioxide from exhaust flue gases of fossil-fuel burning industries of other sulphur oxide emitting processes.

With water scarcity becoming an issue, the management of wastewaters from flue gas desulphurisation scrubbers is becoming a significant issue for a number fossil fuel burning industries world-wide, particularly coal fired power stations. In China, zero liquid discharge (ZLD) standards are now being enacted for fossil burning power plants and the market for wastewater management is growing rapidly. Our CIF approach when coupled to evaporation and crystallisation provides a unique ZLD solution for the power industry.

Clean TeQ has also executed an exclusive technology distribution agreement with Multotec for the African continent. The formal binding distribution agreement establishes the commercial framework under which Clean TeQ will sell its water treatment technology products and services to Multotec so that Multotec can act as exclusive distributor for Clean TeQ in all countries in the continent of Africa. The distribution agreement provides Clean TeQ with the ability to leverage Multotec’s strong established presence and extensive sales and service network in the global mineral processing industry.

The distribution agreement has an initial term of five years, subject to Multotec purchasing prescribed minimum values of products and services. Under the terms of the Distribution Agreement Multotec is appointed as exclusive purchaser and distributor of Clean TeQ’s continuous ion exchange and ionic filtration technologies, evaporation and crystallisation technologies and design, engineering, sourcing, manufacturing and commissioning services relating to those technologies, in the field of water purification. Clean TeQ is appointed as exclusive supplier to Multotec of those technology products and services. Clean TeQ retains ownership of all intellectual property rights relating to the Clean TeQ technology, including improvements that arise as a result of the dealings contemplated by the distribution agreement.

Clean TeQ and Multotec see the African market as highly prospective for the CIF technology. Applications in the mining, power and groundwater remediation areas are large and immediate markets.