Mobility at centre of RPMGlobal's AMT 8.16

RPMGlobal has introduced the latest version of its asset management solution, AMT 8.16, that places a significant focus on mobile use
Mobility at centre of RPMGlobal's AMT 8.16 Mobility at centre of RPMGlobal's AMT 8.16 Mobility at centre of RPMGlobal's AMT 8.16 Mobility at centre of RPMGlobal's AMT 8.16 Mobility at centre of RPMGlobal's AMT 8.16

RPMGlobal has launched AMT 8.16

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In the new release of the platform first introduced in 2016, the Australian company streamlined the mobile app's inspection work process, allowing easier management in the field. Additionally, users can access and also edit and close work orders from anywhere, and work can be created from strategy tasks automatically within the AMT system or an integrated ERP.

"This process becomes a seamless execution of inspection and checklist work for the mobile user," the company noted, adding that it will improve usability and productivity and provide an easy, practical process for a user.

AMT, deployed on every continent other than Antarctica, now has the added focus on mobility because of the level at which the industry is now using it following a history of ‘making do' with available technology, according to product strategy executive general manager Michael Baldwin.

"Mobility is critical to ensuring that information is in the hands of the right people as it is needed," he said. "One thing we have found in recent years is that giving people information with context amplifies their decision-making capabilities and there is no better way than to have it in their hands in the field when they need it."

AMT has previously contained the Dynamic Life Cycle Costing engine, as well as inbuilt intelligence, and in the newest release the mobile app has been entirely integrated into it. As a result, life-cycle costing and reliability are linked, RPMGlobal said, for identifying and predicting maintenance issues and also understanding their impact and accurately modelling the correct resolution.

"Our aim with AMT mobile is to ensure that the end users have an easy way to perform their job," Baldwin explained. "Their focus should be on completing the task at hand, not working out how they will enter it into a system at some point in the future."

Other enhancements include usability and budgeting improvements, along with SQL Server 2016 platform support. Baldwin said AMT 8.16 provides tighter integration to products like MinVu as well, capturing real-time data from in-field operational systems and health systems. This includes machine hours and health sensor information, which is now completely automated within the release.

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