IECEx gives go-ahead to FitMachine EX

Movus, the Australian developer of the FitMachine EX condition-monitoring solution, has been notified of the system’s IECEx approval for use in Queensland underground coal operations by Ex Testing and Certification
IECEx gives go-ahead to FitMachine EX IECEx gives go-ahead to FitMachine EX IECEx gives go-ahead to FitMachine EX IECEx gives go-ahead to FitMachine EX IECEx gives go-ahead to FitMachine EX

The IECEx approval allows the FitMachine EX to be used in any Queensland, Australia, underground coal operation

The FitMachine EX, designed for use in explosive environments, is an extension of Movus' continuous condition-monitoring solution.

The new approval is a crucial one and pairs with its intrinsically safe certification. The FitMachine EX is now compliant for use in any underground coal mine in Queensland.

Movus said its low-cost platform included sensors, communications capabilities and artificial intelligence, giving mines oversight of fixed rotating assets and hazardous environments 24/7. It's also user-friendly, having two main components, a cylindrical FM Base enclosure and one PCB, placed on the unit's bottom.

"[Miners say] 10% of assets due for regular time or route-based inspections are missed because of operational or safety considerations, [and] this is why the ‘continuous' part of our solution is so important," the company said. "FitMachine EX … acts as an early warning system for maintenance teams, detecting early-stage changes in condition that left unchecked may lead to unplanned downtime or machine failure."

The benefits of the system include real-time equipment health visibility, the potential for minimised unplanned downtime and reduced maintenance costs, fast installation with no tools, optimised maintenance operations, and machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In addition, no cables are needed for the wireless communications system; it reduces the need for inspections at heights and can be used with a monitoring-as-a-service agreement.