Mining Magazine Awards 2021: The shortlist ...

The shortlist for the 2021 Mining Magazine Awards has been decided
Mining Magazine Awards 2021: The shortlist ... Mining Magazine Awards 2021: The shortlist ... Mining Magazine Awards 2021: The shortlist ... Mining Magazine Awards 2021: The shortlist ... Mining Magazine Awards 2021: The shortlist ...

Staff reporter

Staff reporter

Each year we celebrate excellence in the mining industry by inviting our readers to nominate people, companies, groups or projects that they feel have demonstrated outstanding commitment to advancing the state of play in mining over the past 12 months.

The list of shortlisted finalists is below. Final voting closes December 23. Please vote here.

The winners will be announced in the January/February print issue of Mining Magazine, and on on January 25, 2022.


Production and Maintenance Technology 

Haver & Boecker Niagara - Pulse Condition Monitoring 

Haver & Boecker Niagara's Pulse Condition Monitoring (Pulse CM) software enables companies to monitor the health of their vibrating screens to ensure smooth production. It features a wireless diagnostics tool that helps mineral processing operations be proactive, rather than reactive, when it comes to maintenance efforts. Pulse CM uses modern algorithms and artificial intelligence to provide accurate measurements and forecasts that are easy for users to understand while actively working to increase efficiency, decrease downtime and improve reliability. 

newGen Group - ArmourGRAPH 

ArmourGRAPH is a newGen developed wear liner product that is enhanced with PureGRAPH graphene. ArmourGRAPH wear liners demonstrate typical tensile strength improvements of < 30% and abrasion resistance improvement of ~100%. ‍ArmourGRAPH can result in increased asset lifecycle / sustained production activities; mitigated risk of unplanned downtime; fewer liner changeouts and associated downtime; significantly reduced Total Cost of Ownership for critical assets.      

Jayben - the S60 Scaler 

The Jayben S60 Scaler is a fully remote controlled hi wall scaling unit that removes the current practice of the human intervention, associated with abseiling over hi wall faces to remove loose spall. Negating a high-risk safety issue. Additionally, the unit can traverse along, across and over benches and berms of inaccessible areas to remove built-up material caught, that can otherwise fall into open pits. Minimising, reducing and or eliminating a significant safety risk or mine production stoppage. 

LiveMine Solutions 

LiveMine's data collection system for underground and open-cut mining replaces traditional reliance on working with ‘paper plods' and cumbersome spreadsheets. Digital tablets collect and validate information at source before pushing it to clients' databases for review, approval and reporting in real-time.  LiveMine modules are structured in commercial categories of Core, Premium and Support which are separated by pricing and functional abilities. To manage the operation of these modules LiveMine is controlled within a Webapp interface. 

Metso Outotec Taper-T attachment system incorporating WearSense 

Metso Outotec's Taper-T attachment system enables chute wear liners to be installed and removed from the wear side only, eliminating the need to access the outside of the chute. This reduces maintenance downtime and improves safety. The system facilitates the use of the SafeFit handling system which removes the need to manually handle the liner during installation. When combined with WearSense, the Taper-T attachments also become a wear monitoring solution providing real-time information on remaining liner thickness. This removes the need to manually check the conditions of the liners enabling better maintenance planning. 

Nautitech Mining Systems - BPLM

The Nautitech Spitfire Broadband Power Line Modem (BPLM) utilises power cables that supply electrical equipment underground to carry network data in tandem with power.  The highly mobile machines are fitted with many sensors which produce hundreds of data parameters.  The network connection provided by the Spitfire BPLM using a reliable Power Line Communications (PLC) link, makes this machine data available to the mine network in real-time.    


Skycatch - Flight 1

Flight 1 software - a key component of the company's flagship High Precision Package, offering cloud or edge-based data processing that enables viewing terrain in 4D, automated RTK/PPK industrial drone management and fast edge processing delivering data visibility in minutes versus upwards of 24 hours. Built on technology adopted by the largest mining companies in the world including Komatsu and AngloAmerican, Flight 1 outperforms traditional off-the-shelf data mapping tools by including purpose-built flight automation software for the M300 leveraging DJI's L1 and P1 sensors. The new solution delivers proven data and network security via Skycatch servers in the United States coupled with advanced automation features like a 3D first mission planner, mining focused workflows and deep integration into Skycatch's data analytics platform, Datahub. - Purpose Built Mining Software Trusted by Komatsu and Numerous Others Proven to Reduce Open Pit Interactions by 10,000 Within One Year

Orica - OREPRO 3D

OREPro 3D is the industry's first solution that optimises ore control in 3D. Using readily available input data, including the post blast topography, blast design and in-situ block model, sophisticated algorithms replicate movement dynamics throughout the entire blast and calculate SmartVectors™ that accurately transform the in-situ grade control into a post blast model. 

Symphony Industrial AI

Performance 360 is proven in the mining industry to increase yield and drives a more sustainable mine. Performance 360™ is proven in the mining industry to increase yield and drives a more sustainable mine. One recent example is from the mining industry, specifically at a large mine, where an online AI model was used to complement the legacy advanced plant control systems at its grinding circuit to optimize production. Net savings on a sustainable daily basis included over a million liters of water - enough for a small township - and energy reduction of 4 million electricity units - and all of these with increased production throughput of over 1% generating over $3M of top-line growth on a yearly basis.     

Geoscientific Database System

Consistently positive customer feedback and communication, providing the industry with a much easier process to record drilling results.

FMG and Sentient Computing - AIMES

Development of the AIMES project is ground breaking and innovative.  It solves the problem of finding asset based data in disparate databases on brownfields sites where assets are named differently in different systems.  This is done through a 3D visualisation that contextualises the information and allows quick, easy and cost effective access.  The availability of information improves safety, decision making, saves lost time and reduces re-engineering costs.


RPMGlobal has made a significant contribution towards supporting mining companies with the elimination of carbon-emitting fleets. Through the development of simulation software, Mining organisations, OEMs and contractors can model, simulate and quantify changes to mining fleets such as battery electric, green hydrogen and hybrid diesel to support their efforts towards decarbonisation targets.

acQuire - GIM Suite 5

acQuire has continued to innovate its powerful geological data management solution, GIM Suite, by adding increasing capabilities in web and mobile as part of its major 2021 software upgrade to GIM Suite 5. The necessary innovation in GIM Suite required to extend functionality across web, mobile and desktop provides a fundamental change in how miners manage their geological data. It provides a major impact to the efficiencies of data handling across mine sites from point of capture, to analysis and management to delivery and reporting. There is less transient handling of data, and a major reduction in manual, time-consuming methods of collecting data from the field and pit. There's also greater transparency of data which opens access to geoscientific information to wider audiences in the business. 


Their digital face mapping app has allowed companies to quickly bring underground observations into 3d modelling software 

Baldomero Gutierrez/Hugo Silva

Use of the Datamine software platform for implementing stochastic methods in the geological resource estimation 

Mineral Processing


The IES is a cloud-based platform for fast and accurate simulation of mineral processing operations from mine to final product. IES pioneers the integration of processing, equipment and machine-learning models; enabling process-stage optimisation through to whole-of-asset simulation within the same collaborative interface. Results from IES are easily obtainable and integrate previously cumbersome tools into operational workflows with elements that are totally unique in the market.

Metso Outotec - CycloneSense

Hydrocyclones are a fines classification technology that separate a feed slurry into a coarse product (underflow) and a fines product (overflow). One issue in hydrocyclone operation is being able to adjust and predict for common bottlenecks such as when the slurry flow into the hydrocyclone exceeds a maximum limit and the air core collapses. This is also known as roping and indicates poor classification occurrence. Operating conditions in the hydrocyclone process have a direct impact on plant availability and on grinding and flotation circuit efficiency. To help operations overcome challenges such as these, and to improve efficiency and process uptime, Metso Outotec launched the CycloneSense intelligent instrument in March 2021.  

Jameson Cell Commissioning Project

New Century Resources worked with independent technical experts Mineralis Consultants in the execution of recovery improvements via a flowsheet optimisation program, which targeted operations allowing up to 12Mtpa throughput and a 50-54% recovery range. The optimisation program focused on the implementation of the Jameson Cell circuit upgrade, which has now been installed commissioned. Slurry feed was introduced into the circuit in April 2021 and the Jameson Cell is now fully operational. 

Vale - Green Brickets

These reduce drastically the emissions and the carbon footprint of steel production

Rhosonics - Analytical BV

Rhosonics helps the industry to use ultrasonic technology for in-line measurements. The real-time process data allows operators to achieve process optimization in a safe, reliable, sustainable and cost effective way. This is how Rhosonics contributes to a greener and smarter industry. 

Mine Expansion 

Lac Des Iles Mine, Impala Canada

Over the past five years, the LDI Mine has ramped up production to become one of Canada's largest, lowest cost and safest underground mines.  Production has increased 125%: 4,000 to 9,000 tonnes of ore per day, and is expected to reach 12,000 tonnes per day by end of 2022.   As production has increased, so too has our economic contribution to the region through contracts with 300 businesses in Northwestern Ontario. Over the last five years, $1.7 billion has been invested in capital and operating expenditures, with 77% of all goods and services purchased from Canadian suppliers, and more than half of that sourced in Ontario. 

Polyus - Verninskoye

The completion of Verninskoye Mill expansion project in May 2021 was completed ahead of schedule, bringing the mill to its target hourly throughput rate of 450 t/h and to an annualized capacity of 3.5 million tonnes. As part of the project, Polyus implemented a number of initiatives aimed at improving recoveries, including the installation of an additional reactivation kiln in the main building extension, as well as the installation of an additional centrifugal concentrator in the main building. This resulted in the recovery rate at Verninskoye reaching ca. 90% in February 2021. 

Hindustan Copper Limited 

The transition of open pit to Underground in the Malanjkhand Copper Project, Hindustan Copper Limited, India 

Emissions and the Transition


In 2021 Polyus switched 100% of its operating assets electricity demand over to renewables. This was achieved through a combination of switching electricity demand at its key operating assets to hydropower in February 2021 and the strategic decision announced in April 2021 to cover the remaining operating electricity demand not yet directly covered by renewables with green I-REC certificates, supporting demand for environmentally friendly electricity.   

Nouveau Monde Graphite

Nouveau Monde Graphite is working towards developing a fully-integrated source of carbon-neutral battery anode material in Québec, Canada to meet the growing lithium-ion and fuel cell demand. In our efforts to be the world's first all-electric open pit mine, the company signed in June 2021,  an agreement with Caterpillar Inc. for the development, testing and production of Cat® "zero-emission machines" for its Matawinie graphite mine.    

Mehrzad Ashnagaran and Nic Beutler from ABB

Mehrzad and Nic have led the development of the mining EV fast charging pilot solution: ABB Ability eMine FastCharge. A new pilot set to become the world's fastest and only fully automated charging system for mining trucks, offering up to 600kW of power 

Pretivm Brucejack BEV truck fleet

Pretivm Brucejack has made the decision to invest in a fully battery-electric haulage fleet of 7x Sandvik Z50 trucks, paving the way for more mines to transition to clean operations that improve the health and safety of their employees and communities. 

Safety Award 

Twin Metals Minnesota

Twin Metals has ensured the focus at its Minnesota project has remained on safe resource drilling and contractor management, ensuring that all employees and contractors had a key role in the safety culture of the organization.  Early in 2013, Twin Metals adopted the National Mining Association's (NMA) CORESafety program and initially focused on incorporating the CORESafety Culture Enhancement module, establishing itself as a safety leader not only within the industry, but within the communities it operates. In building that culture of safety, Twin Metals recognized that the company's safety policy would serve as the foundation of its Safety and Health Management Assurance system, and that it would communicate that policy and the associated strategies throughout the organization and with its contractors and consultants.    

Torex Gold

Torex Gold says it has worked hard to build a strong safety and workplace culture based on genuine care and personal relationships with each other, people's families, and local communities. ‘No lives lost, and no lives changed' because of a workplace injury is how Torex defines the required precision to internalize zero harm for all.  The company said it has focused on building robust and interconnected safety systems such as a strong incident reporting and ongoing field level risk assessments and inspections. 

New Century Resources

New Century has continued industry-leading safety performance, with a total recordable incident frequency rate (TRIFR) reduced from 3.9 (30 June 2020) to 1.4 (1 July 2021) against a Queensland industry average of 7.5. 

GET Handling & Changing system - WEIR ESCO  & Rio Tinto West Angelas

WEIR ESCO & Rio Tinto LME have worked on this system since 2017 with ESCO investing in the development costs. This is a complete system that removes numerous strenuous activities in both handling and changing GET. It also allows for diversity of the work force by removing stereotypical physical requirements to perform GET changing activities. All of this can be performed by one operator from a safe location mitigating any chance of injury. The technology that has been developed & deployed reinforces the drive for safer and more a diversified work force across mining operations. 

Tecknotrove Systems

The number of accidents at workplace due to HEMM machines is huge. Shantanu and team at Tecknotrove have developed a cost-effective solution for training and evaluating operators on safe excavation procedures and safety to be maintained while on site. The simulator is portable and compatible to a VR display will help the industry in saving millions of dollars in training & operating costs. The product developed offers excavation of different materials in difficult weather conditions.

Oswald Deuchar and Tim Gartner from ABB

They have led the development of ABB Ability Safety Plus for hoist, It is the first fully SIL 3 (Safety Integrity Level) certified suite of solutions for hoists, rigorously examined and certified by an independent global functional safety certifying body (RISE), and strictly developed in accordance with the International "Safety of Machinery" standard IEC62061.  It is composed of three solutions offering the highest level of safety available on the market: Safety Plus Hoist Monitor, Safety Plus Brake System, Safety Plus Hoist Protector. 


Hexagon and Yancoal of Australia have collaborated in reducing recordable work-related injuries.  According to the most recent ESG Report for 2020, Yancoal's total recordable injury frequency rate (TRIFR) was 8.4 compared 10.0 at the end of 2019, while its lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR) was 4.2 compared to 5.6 in 2019.  Yancoal undertook several occupational health pilot projects across various operations throughout 2020, including the expansion of heavy-vehicle operators' awareness systems (OAS-HV) developed by Hexagon. OAS-HV uses sophisticated computer vision technology to provide a real-time fatigue and distraction risk status and traffic awareness to operators via unobtrusive, operator-friendly displays. Reliable, audible and vibratory alerts of fatigue and distraction events help avert imminent accidents. The solution also features a cloud platform to continuously assess in real-time the fatigue risks of individual operators and the complete fleet, allowing intervention, if necessary.   

Exploration Award

Peter Kanck - Boart Longyear
Development of TruScan (field site core scanning system)

Hugo Silva/Joaquin Barba - Fresnillo
Implemented a methodology for conditional simulation application on the resource and reserve estimation that detects more economical ore blocks than with the deterministic method.

Ideon Technologies

Ideon is pioneering cosmic-ray muon tomography technology that will transform subsurface discovery by providing X-ray-like visibility up to 1 km deep; accelerating the global transition to low-impact mining for critical mineral recovery; and helping to reduce the environmental impact of one of the world's most traditional industries. Ideon offers a new and unique straight-line imaging technique that delivers unparalleled subsurface location accuracy with higher spatial resolution than any other geophysical survey tool. 

Fleet and Equipment Award

Pitrew AI - Development of autonomous condition monitoring for OTR tyres

Pitcrew AI's system is the world's first autonomous condition monitoring for off-the-road (OTR) tyres used by mining vehicles. Launched in August 2021 as part of a partnership with Kal Tire, the system uses artificial intelligence software to scan thermal imaging video footage for anomalies in a tyre, such as hot spots, belt edge and tread separations. An additional feature is the feedback loop that can schedule tyre changes depending on the damage incurred. 

Hexagon's Mine Automation - Launching of the autonomous mission management system

Hexagon's autonomous mission management system is designed to improve safety and efficiency in mine traffic software. Its ultimate purpose is to deliver the next generation of mine automation and reduce dependency on site infrastructure. Launched in partnership with Liebherr at MineEXPO 2021, it is fully integrated with Hexagon's fleet management and enterprise analytics. Furthermore, it orchestrates autonomous fleet and unmanned mine traffic movements, which the companies say optimises haulage processes. 

Service and Support

ABB - Ability Predictive Maintenance for grinding

The ABB Ability Predictive Maintenance for grinding is designed to maintain, assess and analyse gearless mill drive (GMD) system parameters and visualisation. The objective is to prevent unscheduled shutdowns and system failures that harm efficiency and production at the same time as cutting energy consumption. It does this by utilising past data and assessing the current condition of the equipment, with the aim of applying the necessary predictive models. 

Metso Outotec - Upgrading TankCells at Constancia mine

Metso Outotec upgraded three e300 TankCells at the Constancia mine in Peru with a centre launder and achieved "significant recovery improvements and enhanced process control" as part of a collaboration with mining company Hudbay in November 2020. The challenge was the lack of overflow in the last cells of the rougher flotation circuit, which was having a negative effect on copper and molybdenum performance. The upgrade resulted in a weighted recovery of 0.7% for copper and 1.4% for molybdenum. 

Bulk Handling Award 

Dopplemayer - Development of RopeCon for bulk transportation

RopeCon is Dopplenayer's solution to improve transportation of bulk material on mine sites. The company says RopeCon provides handling capacities of up to 25,000 t/h while occupying a minimum structural footprint. It transports material on a flat belt with corrugated side walls. The belt performs the haulage function and is driven and deflected by a drum in the head or tail station. The belt is fixed to axles arranged at regular intervals to support the belt.

Prok - HDPE roller to help improve mining efficiency and cut costs

The latest version of PROK's HDPE roller is designed to help mining companies increase efficiency and reduce costs across their operations. The roller includes a range of innovative new features to increase performance and reliability by addressing what PROK calls common modes of failure. The technology enables the implementation of intelligent predictive maintenance strategies to help prevent unnecessary downtime and meet increased maintenance demands as the industry moves towards greater use of non-metallic rollers. 

Load and Haul Award 

Komatsu - Development and expansion of teleremote products to increase safety

Komatsu's teleremote operations is designed to assist with labour shortage issues in regions where mining is conducted in remote locations and eliminate live work in dangerous situations. The teleremote product portfolio includes the PC-7000 hydraulic excavator teleoperation system, which can be operated remotely with a console and screens that feed images from cameras and sensors. The ultimate objective, according to Komatsu, is to help miners achieve a zero-harm environment by reducing the risk of accidents. 

Goldmont - Outcast Underground Loader Buckets to improve costs per hour and help operations in abrasive settings

Goldmont's Outcast Underground Loader Buckets are designed specifically to improve cost per operating hour in abrasive underground mining environments. It is designed to reduce weight and resistance where the lip meets the dirt and remove friction during movement. Benefits of the technology are a cut in carbon emissions, less fuel use and less mechanical stress on the loader, as well as lower maintenance costs.

ESG Reduction & Monitoring Technology  

Haver & Becker Niagara - Scarabaeus pelletising disc

The Scarabaeus pelletizing disc reduces carbon emissions in iron ore products while improving the efficiency to a 97% production rate of pure iron. Scarabaeus pelletizes the material to improve their storage and transportation properties, increasing their market value. 

The pelletising machine also fits easily into machinery by offering adjustable inclination as well as adjustable speed and side wall heights. 

Komatsu Greenhouse Gas Alliance 

Komatsu joined up with customers Rio Tinto, BHP, Codelco, and Boliden to collaborate on product planning, development, testing and deployment of zero-emission mining equipment and infrastructure. Through this plan, Komatsu is advancing the power agnostic haul truck concept, which means haul trucks can be fuelled by a variety of power sources (diesel, electric, trolley, battery power, hydrogen fuel). 

TransAlta, Stantec, and BHP - Northern Goldfields Solar Project 

TransAlta has teamed up with Stantec to build the 48.1MW Northern Goldfields solar project in Western Australia to power BHP's Nickel West's Leinster and Mount Keith operations. The project, one of the world's largest hybrid energy networks providing power to mining projects, will integrate into TransAlta's off-grid Southern Cross Energy North network. 

The solar project reduces carbon emissions from BHP Nickel West's electricity use at the projects by 12%. 

ABB Ability eMine  

ABB provides resources to mining companies looking to make the transition to electric. ABB provides fully integrated electrification and digital systems from mine to port. It provides charging infrastructure for buses, trucks and cars, and can assist mines in moving from diesel to electric. 

ABB also aids mining companies in integrating these transportation systems with automation and digital systems. 

Motion Metrics -  ShovelMetrics

Motion Metrics released its newest generation of ShovelMetrics this year, which allows its 3D mining cameras and specialised sensors to detect broken shovel components, monitor component wear, measure the quantity of material moved, and analyse the size of mined rocks. With these tools, mining companies can identify crusher obstructions, inefficient blasting, and improper loading quickly. This reduces unplanned downtime and improves energy efficiency. 

Mine Operations and Safety Technology 

Haver & Boecker Niagara's F-Class Vibrating Screen

The vibrating screen with new technology for simplified maintenance helps to reduce blinding and pegging. The screen is also built with vibration-resistant lockbolts, as opposed to traditional welding, which keeps the screen steady during load-bearing. 

The F-Class also redesigned the flat deck models to create the largest amount of open area possible for modular screen media. It also has replaceable polyurethane anchors, to prevent premature wear and tear. 

Fragtrack Crusher technology 

The Fragtrack Crusher technology is an autonomous pre- and post-crushing monitoring solution that provides truck-by-truck fragmentation particle size distribution measurement before crushing. It also measures conveyor base PSD of crushed rocks. This provides feedback for optimisation of crusher distributed control systems to optimise crusher gapping. It also enables mining companies to make adjustments to the milling process, and measure the performance of drill and blast operations. 

Nautitech Mining Systems - CUBEx I.S. Light 

The Nautitech CUBEx IS is the first I.S. flood light for longwall and first headlight for mobile machinery. One CUBEx light can replace five standard flameproof lights, and consumes only 20% to 30% of the power compared to other similar lights. The lights have three separate banks in one light which can be individually controlled for colour and strobing. The lights can also continue for up to five hours if a mine site loses power, relying on an Uninterruptible Power Supply. 

Brokk's Pedestal Boom 

The stationary breaker boom system allows producers to use the boom for primary breaking tasks to feed mobile crushers, jaw crushers, hyratory crushers and grizzlies. The boom has a three-part arm system with 360-slewing. The boom can be operated either with the tethered remote or from a control room, from 6,500 feet away or longer by using video monitoring. 

Copperstone Tech - HELIX autonomous amphibious robots 

Copperstone Tech has developed HELIX autonomous amphibious robots to be used for hazardous site investigations deployable in all seasons and weather conditions. This will enable mining companies to monitor tailings storage facilities. The HELIX robots can perform bathymetry, site surveys, soil sampling and data collection in inaccessible areas. 

Indigenous Community Relations Award 

Torex Gold 

Torex Gold ensures that 99% of its workforce is from Mexico, with 60% originating from the state of Guerrero. It focuses its procurement in Guerrero, spending US$42.4 million on Guerrero-based companies. It also partners through Community Development Agreements called CODECOPs, highlighting projects defined according to local needs and priorities. Torex has supported the building and refurbishment of schools, construction and refurbishment of health centers, water and sanitation projects, healthcare and education programs, and cultural initiatives. 

New Century Resources 

New Century Resources provides training services for the indigenous Gulf communities in Queensland. 

Fireweed Zinc 

Fireweed Zinc engages in dialogue with First Nations communities surrounding its Yukon project. Around 25% of Fireweed Zinc's workforce is of First Nations, Inuit, and Metis origin, while 50% of Fireweed's expenditures involves FNIM-owned or -involved companies. 

Osisko Mining - COVID-19 management in host communities 

Osisko has worked in close partnership with the Cree First Nation of Waswanipi and the Cree Nation Government. The mine now has more than 120 First Nation workers at the site, and is working with the main First Nation joint venture partnership companies working on the review of the Windfall site during the pandemic.

Drill & Blast Award 

Shockwave Gel Technologies 

The hydrogel stemming material is suitable for above ground and underground mining. 

Orica - Design for Outcome 

Design for Outcome is an automated optimisation tool for generating blast designs. Using machine learning algorithms and cloud-hosted processing to match rock characteristics, it blasts energy at high resolution. 

It allows miners to use several data sets and also provides data pipeline automation to tailor production in plants. 

Hexagon - HxGN MineMeasure 

Designed to mnimise ore loss and dilution, MineMeasure combines software and hardware to make incremental improvements in the pit-to-plant process. It provides customers with data for every drillhole, ensuring optimised blast design  as well as fragmentation analysis and blast monitoring.




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