NORCAT and Sofvie team up on health and safety

Canadian not-for-profit technology and innovation centre NORCAT has partnered with software company Sofvie to support mining organisations in developing, implementing and transforming their health and safety programmes to support risk management, enhance productivity and improve due diligence.
NORCAT and Sofvie team up on health and safety NORCAT and Sofvie team up on health and safety NORCAT and Sofvie team up on health and safety NORCAT and Sofvie team up on health and safety NORCAT and Sofvie team up on health and safety

Collaboration focuses on health and safety programmes

NORCAT develops skilled labour training and health and safety management for the mining industry, while Sofvie's software is focused on minimising workplace hazards and aligning workplace culture using collaborative intelligence.

NORCAT's advisory services division works with clients worldwide on a variety of strategic and tactical projects, and will work with Sofvie's software development and implementation teams to combine health and safety management knowledge with technology to deliver a customised solution and collaborative intelligence platform.

According to Sofvie, its software is designed with the worker and front-line supervisor in mind, so it is easy to adopt, intuitive to use and promotes sustainable change for organisations of all sizes.

Trina Hayden, director, advisory services at NORCAT, said: "NORCAT is dedicated to keeping people safe and healthy at work. Through our Advisory Services, we provide organisations with customised health and safety management programmes to support risk management.

"We are very excited to collaborate with Sofvie. Their software will provide our clients a full solution that will help reduce incident and accident severity and ultimately aid in minimising life-altering events in the workplace."

Gus Minor, chief innovation officer at Sofvie, said: "Sofvie's commitment to the workforce has never been stronger. As we continue to focus on reducing risks and hazards in the workplace, it has become clear that our entire team understands the value of teamwork and collaborative efforts. The final frontier to zero harm is not something that we can challenge alone. It will take the combination of our collaborative intelligence platform, a committed workforce/leadership and very strong collaborative partnerships such as we now have with the innovative team at NORCAT. We look forward to enabling new possibilities in the workplace as we move forward."

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