DynoConsult experts offer variety of solutions to optimize operational processes

For more than 20 years, the DynoConsult® team of experts has developed technical solutions to assist with customers’ operations.

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 Value-added enhancements to DynoConsult®

Value-added enhancements to DynoConsult®

Those in the mining industry know the name DynoConsult®.  For more than 20 years, the DynoConsult team of experts has developed technical solutions to assist with customers' operations. With new value-added enhancements, DynoConsult professionals are committed to optimizing your entire blasting process with their experience, knowledge and insight to drive world-class blasting results. 

DynoConsult now has a wider reach with more experts and programs that include drill hole planning and execution, detonation optimization, explosive product selection, community relations and regulatory support, stockpile measurement, fragmentation optimization, and software solutions. 

Specific offerings are designed around improving blast performance through tried and true techniques, while collaborating with customers to meet specified blast outcome needs. The process begins with a rapid diagnostic assessment of the overall operation to determine cost drivers and potential areas for improvement.

DynoConsult professionals are advancing the success of their clients with their technical expertise and field experience. Their services and solutions are a significant part of Dyno Nobel's world-class suite of offerings.

Many customers experience poor field conditions and lack standard operating procedures, which prevent accurate drill-to-plan size, and angle and burden.  This results in suboptimal blasting results, poor fragmentation, and excessive downstream costs (e.g., processing). Expert assessments from DynoConsult of process deficiencies utilizing a range of software and hardware measurement tools are part of the drill hole execution offering to measure drill-to-plan error and assist in implementing best practice methods. Accurate drill-to-plan implementation, measurement of results downstream with telemetry, plant analytics, power consumption and other customer-specific metrics allow for true site-specific optimization. 

Detonation issues, such as imprecise timing, vibration control, misfires and poor blast control are common for customers; these can create operational inefficiencies, suboptimal throughput and safety hazards. Dyno Nobel's full suite of detonation products and software services will be utilized by a DynoConsult field engineer to enhance detonation practices and combat inefficiencies. Many of these software tools are proprietary and only available to DynoConsult team members. 

Some customers also face explosive selection issues that involve suboptimal choice or combination of explosives, services, and delivery systems that result in poor fragmentation or inefficient operations. DynoConsult experts will prescribe the optimal explosive product(s) for the specific geological, logistical, or operational considerations of the site in order to optimize blast outcomes.  These recommendations are driven by evaluating overall operating costs and, specifically, costs downstream of the blasting process.

Oftentimes, customers are met with other issues involving safety, regulatory compliance, and surrounding community relationship issues dealing with vibration, flyrock and/or airblast. These issues can result in complaints from residential neighborhoods or other problems, like on-site injuries, penalties, fines or shutdowns. DynoConsult experts can advise on mitigating issues with vibration, flyrock and overpressure that result in complaints. In addition, consultation on legal or regulatory issues can be provided with the intent of minimizing disruptions to site operations or productivity levels.

Measurement methods resulting in inconsistent volumetric accuracy, poor standardization and substantial lag-time can strain customers' ability to satisfy regulatory requirements. This impedes their ability to effectively manage inventory logistics. Using Dyno Nobel's range of measurement software and drone imaging technology, a DynoConsult technical expert can provide stockpile measurement service that is accurate, fast, replicable and cost-effective.

When customers have an overly aggressive or conservative drill plan, it results in suboptimal fragmentation. Optimal fragmentation must be defined by the customer. All sites have unique fragmentation needs based on geologic conditions, local market and processing plant design.  Limited onsite resources can make it difficult for customers to ensure equipment and resources are available in the right place at the right time. DynoConsult will use Dyno Nobel technologies and products to analyze baseline drill plans, identify inefficiencies and implement best practice solutions to provide site specific optimized fragmentation.  DynoConsult team members understand that smaller isn't always better when it comes to fragmentation. In all cases, customer needs are evaluated prior to optimizing fragmentation with blast parameters.

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