FLSmidth buys KnowledgeScape

Danish mining engineering company FLSmidth is acquiring US mineral processing optimisation firm KnowledgeScape to boost its digitalisation portfolio.
FLSmidth buys KnowledgeScape FLSmidth buys KnowledgeScape FLSmidth buys KnowledgeScape FLSmidth buys KnowledgeScape FLSmidth buys KnowledgeScape

Schematic of A PlantVision installation by KnowledgeScape

FLSmidth will include KnowledgeScape's mineral processing solutions, such as its image recognition and smart sensor products, in a digital portfolio of products called ENABLR, said the company.

"By acquiring KnowledgeScape, FLSmidth can offer customers a portfolio of expert control solutions and advanced sensor technologies, for automating, optimising and increasing the reliability of minerals processing circuits," said Manfred Schaffer, mining president, FLSmidth.

He added that the company's "leading-edge technologies" will serve as an important differentiating market factor, both within productivity upgrades, retrofit and capital projects.

Financial details of the deal were not disclosed. Closure is expected at the end of October.

KnowledgeScape's products include real-time optimisation software that determines ideal setpoint changes and relays, real-time image analysis that provides critical measurements for ore, and grinding mill charge detection sensors that provide real-time analysis of the charge of a grinding mill.

These solutions have had documented success in increasing the total output of a processing plant by 4-10%, FLSmidth said.

The US firm's solutions also reduce power, water and reagent consumption, contributing to FLSmidth's MissionZero sustainability strategy, it added.

KnowledgeScape will be integrated into FLSmidth's portfolio and available to customers from 1 November.

"This acquisition will further solidify FLSmidth as a leading supplier of digital optimisation to the minerals processing industry," said Mikko Tepponen, chief digital officer at FLSmidth.

KnowledgeScape chief executive Dustin Collins  said: "We are excited to join FLSmidth and become a part of its amazing team of mining solutions experts. We are looking forward to providing FLSmidth customers with ever improving optimisation technologies that save costs, time, and drive sustainability."