Pilot plant trial success

A HIGH purity alumina pilot plant trial carried out by FYI Resources and Alcoa has wound up successfully after running continuously for seven days on 24 hours a day basis.
Pilot plant trial success Pilot plant trial success Pilot plant trial success Pilot plant trial success Pilot plant trial success

FYI and Alcoa joint continuous pilot plant operations

Alcoa has its eye on FYI's processing flowsheet design to produce high purity, high quality HPA, with the aluminium specialist footing the bill to refurbish and commission FYI's bespoke-built pilot plant for the trial, under the terms of the memorandum of understanding signed in September.

According to a statement the trial achieved expected operating parameters and produced HPA that appeared to be of excellent quality and consistent with previous trials.

Trial HPA will be sent to the US for analysis to confirm target grade, with HPA samples to soon be available to potential customers.

FYI managing director Roland Hill said the company was extremely pleased with the pilot plant's operating performance.

"The project team excelled in delivering in what we consider, a very successful result," he said.


"The information and data generated from this trial will also lead to further refinements to our final design."

Hill said with the trial now successfully completed, FYI looks forward to receiving the pilot plant trial results in the New Year and progressing project development, which will include further MoU discussions with Alcoa.

"We see a very active and exciting first half next year," he said.