CDE opens headquarters for Australasian market

CDE set up shop on September 7 in the rapidly growing region of Southeast Queensland (SEQ), Australia, which will act as the headquarters for its push into the Australasian market.

Nathan Richardson
CDE opens headquarters for Australasian market

The world-leading wet processing equipment company for sand and aggregates, mining, and construction and demolition (C&D) waste recycling opened the facility in Stapylton, which is near both Australia's third largest city, Brisbane, and the country's largest non-capital city, the Gold Coast.

"Australia, with its culture, diverse markets, trade, and business ecosystem, presents us with a canvas of possibilities," CDE executive chairman and founder Tony Convery said at the opening ceremony.

"Our decision to establish a presence here was fueled by our belief in the talent, innovation, and boundless potential that this country has to offer," he told the crowd largely made up of current and potential customers.

Last year, CDE was awarded a contract to design, supply, and install a washing solution for a Rino Recycling site in Brisbane, which, when operational, is to have a capacity to recycle more than 1.5Mt of C&D waste material every year.

The solution will recover high-quality recycled sand and aggregates and provide the construction industry with an alternative to virgin quarried material, CDE said.

"Traditionally, from what we've seen, most of the time, the wash plants are used in soils, sands, or mineral processing. We adapted it and said that what we want to do with recycled aggregates is wash it, decontaminate it, and make it a premium product," Rino's general manager, Daniel Blaser, said at the event.

"Our aim is to get our aggregates back into a concrete spec," he said.

There is going to be significant construction and demolition in Southeast Queensland in the years ahead.

"We've got a high population growth forecast for SEQ, the 2032 Olympics and all the associated infrastructure projects, and the city deal, which is all about improving the city with infrastructure," the Rino GM said.

The Australian Government forecasts that by 2041, SEQ's population will increase by 44% from 3.8 million in 2020 to 5.41 million.

Over that time frame, the region is expected to need more than 800,000 new dwellings and amid a shift towards higher density, some 60% of the new dwellings are planned to be in the existing urban areas, according to Australia's government.

"And the government has stepped up and decided to increase the landfill levy, which obviously allows for capital investment into the recycling industry," Blaser said.

"With all of that, there's forecast to be 56Mt of non-processible waste per year in the next ten years. So it's a huge market," he said.

CDE has also designed and engineered over 60 projects across Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea.

With its global headquarters in Ireland, CDE also has offices in the US, Austria, the UAE, and Brazil.

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