Sandvik releases big blasthole drill

A year after introducing it as a new part of its i-series line of ‘intelligent’ machines, OEM Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology is finally ready to launch the automation-ready DR416i rotary blasthole drill
Sandvik releases big blasthole drill Sandvik releases big blasthole drill Sandvik releases big blasthole drill Sandvik releases big blasthole drill Sandvik releases big blasthole drill

The Sandvik DR416i has been designed to improve efficiency and deliver dependable penetration in harsh mining conditions

Originally scheduled for release in the first half of 2018, Sandvik introduced the DR416i in April of last year as the largest surface drill in its range.

Designed for large-diameter (406mm) rotary drilling, the machine is equipped with Sandvik's compressor management system (CMS). It can help reduce fuel consumption (by up to 30%) by isolating the compressor and removing the need to maintain pressure when not drilling.

Earlier this year, Rob Ewanow, product marketing manager, surface pedestal and exploration drills at Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology, told MM: "The DR416i is one of the most cost-effective 16in blasthole drills on the market and delivers a single-pass capacity of 21m, the longest single-pass mast in its class."

The machine comes with scalable (non-bundled) surface drill automation architecture. As it's offered through individual modules, additional ones can be added later on as and when the customer advances their automation integration.

The more advanced operating systems, however, do mean that drillers need a different, more technological skill set than before; especially as they might be operating drills remotely.

Dave Shellhammer, president of the rotary drilling division, said, when developing this addition to the i-series family, Sandvik looked at the biggest challenges within large-diameter drilling to help create a more cost-effective and efficient solution.

According to the company, the DR416i can achieve better availability and productivity through features such as dual feed speeds (for better control); automatic setup, mast raising and lowering, levelling and drilling; and a travelling centraliser (for straighter holes and less wear).

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