Sierra Metals prepares restart in Mexico

The company said an early restart of Bolivar in Mexico could be possible, but Cusi will remain on care and maintenance. Yaurichocha in Peru could restart May 11.
Sierra Metals prepares restart in Mexico Sierra Metals prepares restart in Mexico Sierra Metals prepares restart in Mexico Sierra Metals prepares restart in Mexico Sierra Metals prepares restart in Mexico

Bolivar copper mine in Mexico

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The Mexican government announced April 22 that it was extending its national health emergency directive for COVID-19 for another 30 days to May 30. The government currently do not apply to municipalities with few or no cases of COVID-19, and mines in those regions those may re-open on May 18.

Meanwile, in Peru, the suspension will now continue until May 10. 

Sierra Metals said there is a a possibility that the Bolivar copper mine in Mexico may be able to resume operations on May 18 due t its remote location, but the Cusi silverv operation remains in care and maintenance due to its proximity to urban communities.

President and chief executive Igor Gonzales "Our team continues to focus on the health, safety, and wellbeing of our workforce. We have retained smaller workforces at both Yauricocha (polymetallic mine in Peru) and Bolivar to oversee the critical aspects of our operations, with plans to restart Yauricocha on May 11, and Bolivar potentially on May 18."  

"It is worth noting that we do have flexibility at Yauricocha to run operations at higher throughput levels, which will help us to recover some of the lost production. Also, at Bolivar, we have some potential to increase throughput, to possibly help us recover some of the lost production there as well," he added.

Due to the continued impact of the COVID-19 related work interuptions at all the Company's mines, the 2020 production and cost guidance remains suspended until a complete review of operations is completed.