GeoSLAM adds underground range

Geospatial mapping developer GeoSLAM, which focuses on simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM) solutions, has launched a range of products focused on underground applications.
GeoSLAM adds underground range GeoSLAM adds underground range GeoSLAM adds underground range GeoSLAM adds underground range GeoSLAM adds underground range

GeoSLAM’s new Convergence Analysis detects failure points

The range includes solutions for production progress mapping, safety and shaft inspection.

GeoSLAM Production Progress Mapping works with 3D scanner to enable operators to make rapid short-term operational decisions on newly-mined production areas.

Operators used the data to visualise changes of an area over time to compare with project plans - so real-time decisions can be made to avoid production hold-ups.

GeoSLAM's new Convergence Analysis can be used to quickly measure rock support - including detecting failure points, the velocity of change, potential slope and areas of displacement.

Finally, the shaft inspection cradle is built for collecting data during inspections and analysing change. From above ground, it allows users to understand the erosion of a shaft wall, view blockages and identify hanging points for ore in hard-to-reach and dangerous vertical shafts.

"We've worked in the mining sector for a number of years, alongside the industry's major worldwide players to understand their needs and challenges so I'm delighted to announce our latest offering, "said CEO and founder of GeoSLAM, Graham Hunter.

The range launch follows the release of the company's automated processing platform, GeoSLAM Connect, which can process data using script-based workflows.

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