Tier 4F Liebherr excavator digs in

Liebherr has delivered the first R 9400 mining excavator with a Tier 4 Final engine to Trapper Mining’s coal operation in Colorado, US
Tier 4F Liebherr excavator digs in Tier 4F Liebherr excavator digs in Tier 4F Liebherr excavator digs in Tier 4F Liebherr excavator digs in Tier 4F Liebherr excavator digs in

Trapper mine and Liebherr staff in front of the new R 9400 excavator

Staff reporter

PRESS RELEASE: The Liebherr R 9400 mining excavator is the first diesel-powered engine that complies with US/EPA Tier 4 Final exhaust emission limits and has a rated output of 1,675hp/1,250kW.

With a 37yd³ (28m3) bucket optimised for Trapper Mining’s material and operations, the R 9400 is suitable for loading 240 US ton (221t) mining trucks. 

Designed for rough applications, the R 9400’s heavy-duty three-piece fatigue-resistant undercarriage provides efficient superstructure weight distribution and reduces ground-bearing pressure, enabling the necessary stability and reliability.

The latest R 9400 commissioned for Trapper Mining is a backhoe configuration. The production-tailored attachment kinematics combined with a mining-optimised bucket shape ensure the highest crowd and breakout forces, Liebherr stated. Even under tough conditions, the R 9400’s high digging force allows easy bucket penetration and maximum bucket fill factors to achieve high productivity. 

Michael W. Morriss, president and general manager for Trapper Mining, commented: “The acquisition of this excavator is significant for Trapper mine

“We expect to realise significant productivity improvements over our previous equipment mix. Our employees are top notch and excited about the benefits this will bring to our operation and providing economic coal to Craig Station in the future, as well as the excellent business partnership with Liebherr Mining.”