Santa Rosa blooming

Three months after starting up its mill, Red Eagle Mining’s Santa Rosa gold complex said the Colombia project’s production continues to ramp up
Santa Rosa blooming Santa Rosa blooming Santa Rosa blooming Santa Rosa blooming Santa Rosa blooming

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In an operational update, the Canadian miner said the mill ran in March at 727 tonnes daily, processing a total of 22,549 tonnes at 3.89 g/t for total gold production of 2,641 ounces.

In January and February, respectively, production totaled 1,100oz and 1,974oz. Ore processed during those months totalled 567 tonnes and 755 tonnes.

Red Eagle officials said San Ramon has 21 active attack ramps currently, with 17 in production. Over last month, they provided a total of 44 active ore production faces.

Stop mining operations also continued to ramp up; in March, 614 tonnes were mined per day.

“With the arrival of the final scoops in April and development currently under way, five new attack ramps are expected to be completed by the end of May to begin ore production in high-grade areas to the west, to the east and at depth from existing production areas,” the company said, noting the additional faces will allow mining rates to increase to 1,000 t/d as planned with a steady increase over the course of the June quarter.

Red Eagle owns 100% of the Santa Rosa gold project. Consultant and contract partners in the project include Stracon GyM, Lycopodium, Mine Development Associates and Golder Associates.

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