Martin extends Mr. Blade programme

Martin Engineering, a global manufacturer of conveyor belt cleaning technologies, has introduced its programme for conveyor belt cleaner maintenance and replacement in the UK and Brazil
Martin extends Mr. Blade programme Martin extends Mr. Blade programme Martin extends Mr. Blade programme Martin extends Mr. Blade programme Martin extends Mr. Blade programme

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PRESS RELEASE: Building on the network introduced in the US, the Mr. Blade UK programme will allow Martin Engineering to maintain an electronic record of operating conditions on all conveyors using its equipment. This data will be updated regularly, providing customer management with an operational assessment of vital components, including recommendations for avoiding costly failures and system downtime.  

Further, certified Martin service technicians will adjust, repair or replace the main frame and tensioner of any belt cleaner at no charge, for as long as the customer maintains a Mr. Blade service relationship. 

“The idea behind the Mr. Blade programme is to deliver an unequalled level of service using highly efficient, regionalised systems,” explained Chris Schmelzer, director of the Wear Components Business Group.  “With this type of system, we’re in a position to be able to deliver proactive service in advance of a breakdown, replacing worn or failing components before they lead to an event that stops production.” 

Martin Engineering has also established a regional version of the programme in Brazil, and plans are already in the works for Mr. Blade China.  

“It’s an approach that makes a lot of sense, both for the customer and for us,” Schmelzer added.  “This programme has allowed us to boost customer service to a new level, using a variety of tools and technologies to maximise system efficiency and minimise unscheduled downtime.”

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