Alberta oil sands operation chooses 3D-P trailers

PRESS RELEASE: Simark Controls, a subsidiary of SFC Energy, has received an order for fuel cell/solar hybrid EFOY ProTrailer mining communication trailers and EFOY ProCabinets, by its wireless network partner 3D-P, from a customer in the Alberta oil sands, Canada
Alberta oil sands operation chooses 3D-P trailers Alberta oil sands operation chooses 3D-P trailers Alberta oil sands operation chooses 3D-P trailers Alberta oil sands operation chooses 3D-P trailers Alberta oil sands operation chooses 3D-P trailers

The 3D-P mining communication trailer hybridises EFOY Pro fuel cell and solar

Staff reporter

The large end user in the Alberta oil sands has deployed 16 of 3D-Ps hybrid EFOY ProTrailers and three autonomous EFOY ProCabinets, with an additional 12 trailers being delivered. 

Hybridisation of SFC Energy’s EFOY Pro fuel cells with solar allows for longer autonomy than battery banks powered by solar alone. In times with insufficient solar power output, the fuel cell automatically switches on, reducing costly downtime and maintenance intervals by avoiding the deep discharging of the battery. This power reliability significantly increases the trailer’s autonomy. Excess heat from the fuel cell is used to keep the insulated battery and electronic compartments warm. The 3D-P trailer can be easily deployed in remote locations. 3D-P custom configures each unit for the customer’s specific load requirements and geographic locations.

The Alberta oil sands customer uses 3D-P’s mining trailers to quickly and cost-effectively provide communications to remote mining and oil-and-gas locations. The trailers simplify the customer’s network rollouts and flexible extension of wireless coverage as the mine’s footprint develops. All components are integrated into one unit to enable single easy deployment of both power and retractable radio masts.

“Mining requires reliability – continuous operation and safety drive the bottom line. We designed this trailer specifically for optimum operability in colder climates,” said Ron White, chief technology officer of 3D-P. “The hybrid power concept provides power throughout the winter season without requiring any user intervention. In the remote locations, where our customers operate, this feature provides unique logistic and cost advantages.”

Derek L’Hirondelle, VP instrumentation, automation & energy at Simark Controls, commented: “In 3D-P’s unique network design our weather independent Pro Hybrid solutions ensure reliable network connectivity for all production and safety applications at all times. This is why we continue to see a growing potential for fuel cell hybrid solutions in critical applications like these across Canada and the US.”