Geobank Mobile Expands Integration Capabilities

Geobank now has the ability to integrate with the Terraplus KT-10 Magnetic Susceptibility device

Geobank Mobile Expands Integration Capabilities

MICROMINE is pleased to announce Geobank Mobile, its leading data acquisition and management solution now has the ability to integrate directly to the Terraplus KT-10 Magnetic Susceptibility device, enabling instant collection and management of magnetic susceptibility readings.

The Terraplus KT-10 is the market leading magnetic susceptibility device for the geological exploration industry and is used by global exploration companies to assist in providing key data relating to magnetic susceptibility of different rocks and minerals.

The Geobank Mobile development team saw the integration as a key strategic direction for the product. The KT-10 integrated Geobank Mobile will simplify and optimise the collection of exploration data, particularly in remote areas with poor connectivity. Rather than storing and analysing magnetic susceptibility data in the cloud or a proprietary database, users now have the ability to do this on-site and in real time.

Integration is an important strategy within the MICROMINE framework, providing holistic solutions and flexibility. MICROMINE solutions are agnostic with third-party products.

Understanding the magnetic susceptibility of rocks and minerals is important for identifying ore zones, rock contacts and specific minerals in a rock. This can be seen in gold ore deposits where ferromagnetic sulphide minerals, such as Pyrite and Pyrrhotite can be indicators of gold mineralisation. Being able to plot a trace of magnetic susceptibility values next to other observations, measurements and values greatly assists in defining and understanding the ore deposit.

Connecting Geobank Mobile to your KT-10 can be achieved via Bluetooth or by tethering the KT-10 to your tablet with a USB cable.

Taking readings with the KT-10 involves the same workflow already used in Geobank, with the added benefit of stored readings sent directly to Geobank Mobile. Having the magnetic susceptibility value automatically recorded with the correct location or drillhole ID and at the correct drillhole interval can then be achieve, thus increasing the data workflow efficiencies.

The value can be seen next to other observations and measurements allowing the Geologist to make instant decisions in the field.  A Geologist may take magnetic susceptibility readings of the core at the rig which allows more informed decision-making capabilities on whether to continue drilling (or not). This is especially helpful in deposits or rock where the presence of ore material may not be visual but is indicated by a reading from the KT-10.

The additional benefit of this integration is that all readings and measurements are automatically uploaded to the master database, where they are merged with the laboratory assay results to produce a full Geoscientific database for use in 3D modelling software such as Micromine.

Geobank Product Strategy Manager Mark Gabbitus commented "this is an exciting development for Geobank Mobile as it allows users to access their magnetic susceptibility data at their fingertips, in an integrated platform and in near real time resulting in more informed business decision capabilities."

In addition to the KT-10 device, Geobank Mobile is also able to connect to Barcode, GPS and Scale devices and on-board cameras.

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