How to monitor and manage your Tailings Storage Facility

Tailings storage facilities play a vital role in containing a mine’s primary waste stream. They are inherently a high-risk activity that an operation has to manage post construction. The ability to identify, predict and rectify issues relies on careful management and strict adherence to protocols and standards. And rightly so, when a tailings facility fails, the social and environmental consequences can be catastrophic leading to unwanted events such as a collapse, contaminated water seepage or significant dust generation.



According to a recent report from the Responsible Mining Foundation (RMF), half of the world's biggest mining companies do not keep track of their tailings risk management measures.

The non-profit organization based in the Netherlands, published the findings in its 2018 Responsible Mining Index (RMI). The goal of the report is to "encourage continuous improvement in responsible mining". It does this by transparently assessing the policies and practices of large, geographically dispersed mining companies on a range of economic, environmental, social and governance (EESG) issues. 

Tailings management is more than just a strict adherence to technical standards. Many industry standards require confirmation that mines have implemented a system for responsible tailings management.  

Mines need to ensure that they have a formal policy in place, have developed and implemented a Tailings Management System (TMS), have assigned accountability, and have developed operational, maintenance and surveillance manuals, as well as procedures.  

The IsoMetrix TMS is designed to meet international standards and best practice, and has been specially developed to offer mines a more effective and responsive way to manage their tailings storage facilities. The IsoMetrix TMS allows all these requirements to be tracked, managed and reported on. 

Inspection and monitoring data display

The real power of this TMS lies in the built-in IsoMetrix dashboard capabilities. They are configurable and provide visible data customizable to the user profile. IsoMetrix makes reporting easy through automation.  

Managers can quickly detect if certain functions are not undertaken and follow up on them as well as being notified immediately of a non-conformance or when any trigger is activated. Very often, responsible persons are remote, so this reduces the need for direct interaction through site visits, as the information captured in IsoMetrix is more detailed and live. 

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The IsoMetrix TMS gives you a complete picture of the health of your tailings facility. It can be integrated with existing systems or used on its own to replace manual and spreadsheet-based systems. When used in conjunction with existing systems, data can be imported automatically into IsoMetrix to avoid duplicating work. With the growing risk associated with tailings facilities, mines need a system that understands the specific protocols required to manage the tailings facilities effectively.  

The IsoMetrix TMS reduces reaction times, bringing the right data to the necessary decision makers faster and more accurately than would be possible with manual/spreadsheet-based systems. This is especially useful when operations are in remote areas. 

Furthermore, use the Internet of Things to automate and increase the frequency of monitoring activities.


Every mine is different. That's why IsoMetrix TMS can be tailored to exactly match the requirements of your mine. Reviews, audits, surveillances and inspections with checklist can all be configured in the system. 

Offline Capability

Audit and incident data can be captured via mobile device whilst offline and synchronized when online. Information is immediately available to manage any issues that might arise.

Advantages of the IsoMetrix TMS:

  • Remote managers can get live information on the status of a Tailings Storage Facility 
  • Log incidents with corrective actions which can be tracked 
  • Real-time data for quicker reaction time for identified problems 
  • Alerts or notifications triggered when data does not conform 
  • A repository for all Tailings related documentation 
  • Powerful data visualization via a customizable dashboard


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IsoMetrix is a leading supplier of integrated software for governance, risk, and compliance.



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