The Proudfoot T-Lab: A transformation masterclass week

Don't miss this event and the opportunity to learn how to transform your business in 2021 and beyond

The Proudfoot T-Lab: A transformation masterclass week


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The Proudfoot T-Lab. A Transformation Masterclass Week

Business transformation has never been more important than in today's emerging post-COVID world. It is high on the agenda as businesses must be ready for ongoing disruption, change and uncertainty as part of the new normal.

Transforming business by focusing on your people (humanize), operations (optimize) and technology (digitize) is essential as you navigate unchartered waters for your organization to not only survive but thrive.

But, how do you achieve successful transformation when there is so much change and so many unknowns? Where do you start? Don't worry, we have the answers. Having delivered 50,000 successful transformation engagements and helping over one million leaders through their journeys to remarkable results, we know how to create value, implement pragmatic solutions with sustainable bottom line impact and deliver lasting behavioral and cultural change with people.

This event, the Proudfoot T-Lab, is a Transformation Masterclass providing you with a framework to deliver lasting results improvement and transformation in your business.

The Transformation Masterclass Week is for leaders at all levels. Kick-start your day with practical insights, tips and tools - and a good dose of inspiration. Over five days packed with practical masterclasses and engaging firepit panel discussions with the transformation experts, you'll acquire both the latest insights and the tools required to transform your organization.

In the opening keynote, Proudfoot CEO Pamela Hackett will share the latest findings from the 2021 "What The Best Led are Doing Now" Study.

Each day then follows with a keynote masterclass on the most crucial aspects of transformation - people, operations, and technology, followed by an interactive panel discussion from the experts.

We round off the week with an animated discussion on how ESG, particularly Net Carbon Neutral actions need to go beyond reporting, come alive and be baked into business today with commitment not compliance.

Business transformation is a required core capability for all organizations in today's emerging post-COVID world. It must be at the top of every Executive Team's agenda, along with resilience and managing through disruption, change and uncertainty. The new reality is clear. If we are to build back better, transforming business by focusing on people (humanize), operations (optimize) and technology (digitize) concurrently, is essential. Increasing your odds of success to be in your favor is a must. But how?

Don't miss this event and the opportunity to participate inthe dialogue about transforming your business now.


Day 1: High Performing Organizations

What the Best Led are Doing Now

Day 2: Humanize

Leading Transformation: How Managing to Engage is the Launch Pad for Remarkable Results and Change

Day 3: Optimize

Building A Safe, Engaging and Productive Business That Can Keep Improving

Day 4: Digitize

Creating Value for All Stakeholders Through Digitalization

Day 5: ESG Enterprise

Beyond Reporting: From Compliance to Commitment Across the Enterprise




We design, implement and accelerate operational and digital transformation through people. Realizing tomorrow's results, today.


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