Barkom Drilling Equipment: your reliable partner

Your reliable partner for exploration drilling for now and for the future

Barkom Drilling Equipment: your reliable partner Barkom Drilling Equipment: your reliable partner Barkom Drilling Equipment: your reliable partner Barkom Drilling Equipment: your reliable partner Barkom Drilling Equipment: your reliable partner

Staff reporter

Barkom Drilling Equipment was established in 1987 in Ankara, Turkey, to manufacture and provide equipment for the mining and construction industries, with the mission to always use the latest technology and best-quality raw materials available.

By always pursuing our mission, following market needs and feedback, and standing behind our equipment before and after sales, within a short while we managed to take a strategic place in the market.

We are also working with world-leading companies for the product groups that we do not manufacture. Currently, we are the official distributor for: Fordia (diamond tools), Reflex (borehole surveying instruments), Hanjin D&B (diamond core drill rigs and mud pumps), AMC (drill fluids additives), Jet Lube (thread compounds), Gonar (DTH and rock drilling tools), Geosight Inc (cavity monitoring system), DAT instruments (dataloggers for different techniques) and Soil Solutions (surface improvements and dust suppression agents).

By not only carrying our own equipment, but also serving and consulting our customers with their needs and gaining their trust, today Barkom holds 80% of the drilling and construction market share in Turkey. This includes both our own product line and the brands that we distribute.

Once we proved ourselves in the domestic market, we took the next step, which is expanding overseas to present Barkom’s quality products to the rest of the world.

With the same point of view, we demonstrate our works in 50 countries and four continents. Based on our experiences, we are proud to become the trusted business partner to our customers all around the world.

With this knowledge base and our R&D work, Barkom lately manufactures its underground drill rig to compete with the drill rigs available in the market in terms of quality and efficiency.

Our milestones

  • 1987 – foundation
  • Created our ‘hard core’ all specialists in their field to follow most advanced technology and carry out R&D studies
  • Started to manufacture diamond drilling equipment for mineral exploration, drilling accessories, core trays, rotary drilling equipment, soil investigation and improvement products, rock drills, pick hammers and triplex mud pumps and regarding spare parts
  • Introduced domestic market with world leading brands
  • Achieved 80% market share
  • 2013 – moved to our new facility equipped with latest technology machines and laboratories
  • 2014 – first heat treatment on drill rods in Turkey
  • 2015 – manufactured underground drill rig with 29 years’ experience and feedback

The BDU 400X

BDU 400x

BDU 400X is specifically designed for underground diamond core drilling. Its modular structure enables it to fit narrow and confined areas of underground galleries. Its powerful electric engine empowers Bosch Rexroth hydraulic pumps and motors to ensure the reliability and performance of the rig.

The high rotation and torque output of the machine enables faster and deeper drilling capacity. Its flexible design allows the mast to move freely on its foundation to left and right of the rig. The mast complex can rotate 360° on this base as well.

A hydraulic cylinder enables vertical, angled and horizontal drilling. Finally, the last gimbal allows another 360° rotation to scan all directions in the tunnel without moving the machine. Its control unit is separate from the machine to ensure the safety and comfort of the operator. It can drill with AWL-NWL rods up to a depth of 600m.

The BDU 600

BDU 600

The BDU 600 is designed to improve on the performance of the BDU 400X as well as adding new features to it.

One of the major differences is the diesel engine and track system added to the rig. The diesel engine empowers another hydraulic pump, which operates the track system. This addition greatly increases the mobility of the rig. An automatically guided and hydraulically powered wireline drum enables fast and regulated operation. The rotation unit and the jaws of the foot clamp jaws are operated hydraulically to ensure a firm grip and power transformation.

A mud pump and a driver’s seat are installed on the rig to ease transportation and manoeuvring. The control panel can be installed to the rig or used separately depending on the user’s preferences. The mast can move freely in this model as well. The electric engine and hydraulic systems are upgraded to drill deeper bore holes. It can drill with BWL-HWL rods up to a depth of 800m. Without changing the position of the rig, its mast can be slid from edge to edge.

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