Responding to the Needs of Customers Facing High Crushing Productivity Demands

Tackle challenges and uncover solutions to positively impact priority KPIs.

ME Elecmetal
Responding to the Needs of Customers Facing High Crushing Productivity Demands


Collaborative work is at the core of the ME FIT Crushing program and is reflected in the collaborative relationships ME Elecmetal has with our customers. We are on the ground accompanying our customers, setting common goals and providing timely responses. Because ME Elecmetal understands the day-to-day complexities of a crushing operation, we are better able to rapidly respond to the needs and unique challenges our customers face. This enables us to provide solutions to positively impact priority KPIs: tons per hour, safety management, availability and maintainability of equipment, risk prevention, among others. We measure the value of a solution based on its impact on our customer's entire process — in line with their priorities and operational strategies.

Products and Services that Create Value 


The ME FIT Crushing program focuses on improving efficiency in the first stage of ore comminution, reducing processing costs and optimizing crushing equipment availability and reliability.

To do this, we design solutions to help our customers achieve their goals by combining wear parts with technology tools, advice, training and monitoring — all of which allow us to create value in our customers' processes.


New Product Line!

ME Elecmetal now offers Crusher Safety Tooling. With a focus on safety, durability and ease-of-use, our custom crusher safety tooling products are designed to help you get the job done safer, faster and smarter. Our products include:

  • Primary Corrals
  • Dump Pans
  • Setting Fixtures
  • Crusher Nuts
  • Power Shackles
  • Spider Hooks
  • Custom Solutions


Continuous Improvement


The benefits and value of our solutions are demonstrated when we can quantify increases in the KPIs our customers want to improve.

ME FIT Crushing takes the entire implementation cycle into consideration in its technical proposals: manufacturing, installation, deployment and performance monitoring. We believe continuous communication with our customers is key to understanding their entire process, so we are better able to detect anomalies and propose adjustments with a focus on continuous process improvement.

Our Method:

  • Detect opportunities within a process
  • Diagnose the analyzed situation
  • Compare findings with the customer's needs
  • Generate the best, cost-effective solution

Value Added Engineering Services (VAES) Projects 


Leveraging the unparalleled market knowledge and technical expertise of ME Elecmetal's team, VAES is aimed at creating value in mining processes, analyzing and quantifying results and offering the best cost-effective solutions to our customers.Value Added Engineering Services (VAES) projects are inspired by our value-added philosophy. The objective is to develop and formalize specific initiatives with our client. These projects seek to solve specific problems or achieve operational improvements. Programs start with an initial agreement, defining the baseline and the objectives to be achieved. This is followed by the project implementation, collaborating with the customer every step of the way. It ends with a VAES report, where ME Elecmetal records the tangible benefits of the project in a report provided to, and validated by, our customer. These reports are also useful as technical references for future projects.

Positive Results

Solutions delivered by the ME FIT Crushing program contribute to crusher productivity. Once the impact of a solution has been measured, we record the tangible benefits of the project in a report provided to the customer.


Innovation through Experience and Technical Knowledge


The ME FIT Crushing program evolves with the needs of our customers and the adoption of technology. With the development of digital tools for capturing and analyzing large volumes of data, ME FIT Crushing solutions allow increasingly accurate projections to be made and assists in the creation of specific solutions to address unique challenges. We are constantly learning new technologies so that we may better support our customers. Our experience proves we are qualified as a technology partner that sees beyond the main challenges and strives to exceed customer expectations.

Mutual Collaboration Builds Trust 


ME FIT program solutions are possible thanks to the mutual collaboration between our customers and the ME Elecmetal technical team. The knowledge and deep understanding of the unique challenges at each mining operation help us provide solutions to positively impact priority KPIs. We align with the priorities of our customers, positioning ME Elecmetal as a true strategic partner in mining.


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ME Elecmetal

ME Elecmetal is a global supplier with more than 100 years of experience as a supplier and strategic partner for total wear product solutions in the mineral processing, aggregate, construction and recycle industries. We are the preferred supplier for mineral processors seeking improvements in their grinding mill processes. Our range of products include: grinding media, mill liners, crusher liners, large specialty castings, slag pots and ground engaging tools. Our range of services include: service centers, engineering and design, Early Alert and ME FIT System®. ME Elecmetal has 1,200+ employees and serves customers in 35+ countries around the world.

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